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1551860cookie-checkCNN Runs Fake News Hit Piece on Elon Musk

CNN Runs Fake News Hit Piece on Elon Musk

At this juncture, the panic over Covid-19 has begun to subside as people being to realize both the media and various Democratic ran institutions and states have grossly overblown and over-hyped the scope of the pandemic. What was once cock teased to be the long-awaited apocalypse that would finally give us an escape the best of timelines and worst of timelines has seen near systematic deconstruction. With even academics who pushed for the power-grabbing lockdowns, having changed their tune claiming it won’t get anywhere near as bad as they previously claimed.

Nevertheless as the media’s narrative falls apart they’re not content with throwing in the towel before moving onto their next agreed-upon fake news narrative. CNN, whose exploits during the pandemic, would be too lengthy to list in their entirety has now opted to run a hit piece on Elon Musk. Proclaiming just as they had with Trump in New York, Musk had not sent any ventilators and it was all a massive scam by the Billionaire.

Upon hearing this Musk responded simply by pondering why CNN even still existed. To answer his inquiry, airport and doctor office contracts.

Unfortunately for CNN Musk then cracked out his metaphorical receipts.



Now the real question on everyone’s mind is whether Twitter follows through on their rules and ban CNN for posting fake news once again. After Twitter banned Zero Hedge then permitted the network to post the same news story they claimed was fake news probably not going to happen. At least Elon Must has managed to have the last laugh.

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