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1553800cookie-checkEA And DICE Further “The Tech Isn’t There” Battlefield V Debacle With More Woes

EA And DICE Further “The Tech Isn’t There” Battlefield V Debacle With More Woes

Well, it looks like EA and Dice created a new meme: “The tech isn’t there.” Thanks to diversity hires and social justice warriors flooding the games industry, we now have janky propaganda products like Battlefield V that get worse by the day. This time, however, more development woes have surfaced during DICE’s coronavirus work at home cycle.

You know things are bad when YouTuber Westie highlights the problems plaguing a Battlefield game, and his new video underlines the sad state the woke and glitchy game is in as of now.

Firstly, EA and Dice have closed down the servers in the Middle East and South Africa, but the duo continues to sell the game in those regions. This means that people in the Middle East and South Africa will be migrated over to European servers — increasing ping levels to unplayable heights. This also means Europeans playing on their servers are now going to experience a lot of lag and other connectivity issues when going up against people from the Middle East and South Africa.

Secondly, the reason why DICE can’t enable a list of “limited timed game modes” is due to the “design of the game.” Yes, the menus do not allow for multiple game modes to be active on-screen. This means if Rush, Domination, Conquest, and other game modes that come once per season appear at the same time, the game’s menu won’t allow for it.

With all of that said, Westie — a YouTuber that is often called an EA and Dice shill — offers his critical thoughts on this whole situation that is unfolding as we speak:

To summarize the state of this game, no new updates or content will release in the next following month due to the coronavirus. However, plaguing issues that are surfacing, according to Dice, can be attributed to “the tech not being there” or the “design of the game.”

Battlefield V released back on November 20th, 2018, across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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