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Kill It With Fire Free Demo Lets You Hunt Spiders With Physics-Based Destruction

TinyBuild and Casey Donnelian Games announced that a free demo is currently available for the first-person, physics-based destruction game, Kill It With Fire. It’s a humorous take on the lengths and measures we go through in order to kill creepy-crawling spiders that always seem to nest in the most inconvenient of places. I imagine this game will either increase someone’s arachnophobia or provide enough catharsis to help them get over it.

You’ll start off using common household items in order to squash the eight-legged freaks, but as more of them begin to invade the home and doing so with a quickness and speed the likes of which super heroes could only wish they possessed, you’ll have to increase the means of mayhem for destroying the spiders.

There’s a video available showcasing the increasingly destructive means that you’ll have at your disposal in order to kill the spiders. Check it out below.

The game’s visuals are bright and minimalist, not unlike Hello Neighbor. Asymmetric object design and cel-shaded visuals give the game a timeless cartoon look, and the 60fps gameplay ensures that everything moves quick and seamless.

The soundtrack is a mix of horror themes and comical mischief as you start out with a checklist of objectives you have to complete, which includes searching specific parts of the house to hunt down the spiders and using various objects to squash them.

As you proceed through the game you’ll unlock new weapons to use against the spiders from squashing them with books and hampers, to setting them on fire using hairspray and matches.

Fire in the game is quite deadly, as it burns not only the spiders but also the household objects.

You can also make use of guns, ninja stars, knives, and a host of other regular and irregular equipment in order to kill the spiders.

I think it’s an inventive little game that takes a very common living experience (especially if you’re in Australia) and turns it into a horror-hunting game of sorts.

If you’re interested in checking out Kill It With Fire, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page and downloading the free demo.

(Thanks for the news tip Christian Allen)

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