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My Friend Pedro Now Available For PS4

After initially releasing on PC and the Nintendo Switch, Deadtoast Entertainment and Devolver Digital announced that My Friend Pedro, the side-scrolling action shooter, is now available for the PlayStation 4.

The game brings the 2.5D side-scrolling gun ballet and symphony of destruction to Sony’s now censor-filled gaming platform.

The game originally came out back in the summer of 2019 for Steam and Switch, and then later released as a physical bundle on the Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2019.

For whatever reason the PS4 version was quite delayed, but they did add some additional content to the game, including all new Code Yellow content that you can unlock as you progress through the game by acquiring game modifier boxes.

There are now a total of 14 modifiers you can unlock and enable to change up the gameplay experience, with neat little options such as slow motion, infinite ammo, all weapons, big heads, and lots more. It reminds me of older console games where you would beat them and then unlock some extra trinkets or goodies to add replayability to the game.

As for the game, My Friend Pedro follows a mysterious gunman who wears a funny mask and talks to a floating banana, as the duo traverse through a crime-ridden future in order to enact justice against the rulers of the internet.

The game’s story is entirely tongue-in-cheek but the gameplay is where things shine.

You can perform the typical shoot-dodge in other bullet-ballet games, but it has some added elements, such as bidirectional shooting with akimbo weapons, and being able to use the environment in silly ways to kill enemies, such as kicking dismembered body parts into the bad guys, or crushing them with barrels, or using a frying pan to ricochet bullets into nearby enemies.

The first half of the game really encourages you to experiment with taking down the bad guys in different ways. The second half of the game gets kind of frustrating as you find yourself navigating sewers and utility sites with a ton of platform-puzzles.

In my Nintendo Switch review I had a lot of good things to say about the core gameplay, but I didn’t quite care for all the puzzle-platforming and the reduction of combat scenarios later on in the game. It’s like it started as a Hong Kong action flick and then ended up as a puzzler. I would have preferred more table-flipping, shoot-dodging, and all-out John Woo-style situations, similar to the Hong Kong Massacre. The funny thing about it is that in The Hong Kong Massacre it only maintained John Woo-style shootouts without the puzzles or side antics, but people complained there weren’t enough levels!

Anyway, if you do have a PS4 and you haven’t picked up My Friend Pedro on PC or Switch, the game is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

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