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1551669cookie-checkSuper Mario Odyssey 64 For PC Is Now Available To Download For Free
19 April 2020

Super Mario Odyssey 64 For PC Is Now Available To Download For Free

Kaze Emanuar is known for making Super Mario or N64 homebrew-hacks for public consumption. However, unlike most fan projects that are DMCA’d before launch, Emanuar has learned to ship his hacks out after he’s done so that PC goers can snag his work before it “disappears” off the web. Well, in this case, folks can download Emanuar’s Super Mario Odyssey 64 project for free right now.

Much like the past, fan-made games are nothing new and have been popping up all the time. This act spans across 2D games and even up to 3D titles and will continue moving into the foreseeable future — despite DMCA or C&D notices.

The difference, in this case, is that this particular fan-made game’s development is a lot quieter than others, meaning that the lone dev can release a finished project to the public to consume before a C&D letter can hit him, and Super Mario 64 Odyssey is no exception to that rule.

With that said, you can check out the video trailer for the newly released work depicting the old Super Mario 64 boasting content from Super Mario Odyssey:

Without wasting any more time, the download for the above work sits below:

It’s worth noting that you’ll need a patcher to get things working. And here is the link to said patcher (patch onto the SM64 US.z64 ROM) to get the above project up and running:

Lastly, it’s best that you act fast and download this fan-made project before Nintendo sends a C&D letter to shut the whole thing down. Although I’m sure someone will re-upload the download portal for this project if it’s ever taken down, it’s still best to act fast when a decent product of a popular IP is free and up for grabs.

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