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Twitter Censors Tweets Exposing Leaks Of WHO, CDC, World Bank, NIH, Wuhan Lab

Pastebins have been floating around for leaks of user information that was exposed after the World Health Organization, the Center of Disease Control, the World Bank, the National Institutes of Health, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hacked. However, any tweet mentioning the leaks or referring to the hacks have been removed from Twitter.

Obviously sharing unauthorized personal information is against Twitter’s rules, but you’re not even allowed to discuss or link to tweets discussing the topic.

For instance, even referencing the tweets that contain the links will result in the tweets being removed.


Karnage 369 was attempting to inform users about the leaks that were info-dumped on 4chan, but Twitter not only removed his tweets but shadowbanned any attempts to even discuss them and banned users posting direct links. Even people who attempted to ping OAG into a thread had their tweets removed, hence why they had to direct message us with images of the information.

You can see a screenshot of the tweet that landed Karnage in Twitter jail below.

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Thankfully, some keen users managed to snapshot not only the tweets but also copied all of the links from the tweet and dumped them into a thread over on There’s also an archive of the Kiwifarms thread in case it gets nuked.

All of the original Pastebin files were removed by the Pastebin staff, but thankfully there are archives still available.

It contains usernames and passwords to access the CDC, WHO, NIH, The Gates Foundation, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the World Bank.

Big Tech are working over time to suppress or filter out results leading to the leaks, so if you were interested in the data they didn’t want you to see, you would have to act fast before it’s buried for good.

I imagine those with the time and patience to comb through community threads and correspondence on forums or message boards from the hacked websites will eventually find out more about what really happened regarding the coronavirus, but whether or not they’ll live to get it out to the public is another matter.

(Thanks for the news tips Tim at Where and Dickie Peterson 64)

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