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War of Ashird, Anime-Style SRPG Heads To Kickstarter

Japanese outfit Igrasil Studio and Kumiho Soft are working on a brand new turn-based strategy game called War of Ashird. Now that Igrasil recently wrapped up content for Bloody Chronicles, they decided to take a different approach to making games, veering away from the visual novel genre and into the classic TBS spectrum.

Their new project is currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter, where they’re gathering funds for the next month. They’re currently seeking around $82,000 to complete the project and after a day of crowdfunding they’ve already managed to accrue $17,000.

They still have 88% of the funding to go, as of the writing of this article, but with a month left on the campaign they should be able to reach the goal if the project attains enough attention.

So what is War of Ashird? Well, it’s about three kingdoms fighting for survival while the ancient demon king seeks to take over the land… again.

Unfortunately none of the actual gameplay was on display in the trailer, so we have no idea what sort of setup War of Ashird will employ as an SRPG. Will it be like Advanced Wars? Will it be like Bahumut Lagoon? Will it be similar to Tactics Ogre? The first two Fallout games? Banner of the Maid? Or will it be something completely different?

They do offer a couple of screenshots of the battle concept, and it will take place on a 3D battlefield. I’m not sure if it will have multiple levels like Final Fantasy: Tactics, but they do note that the boss fights and specialty encounters will be limited to just three of your party members and it will play out like a more traditional JRPG similar to Persona or the old Final Fantasy titles.


They mention that you’ll have up to seven teammates in a party at a time, and you’ll be able to recruit up to 30 playable characters in total, spread across 20 towns and cities.

The game will feature a hybrid of grid-based maps in turn-based combat, where you’ll need to utilize spells, magic, and battle tactics to overcome the enemy.

I imagine the Kickstarter will likely get a kickstart in popularity once they roll out footage of how the actual battle system will work.

I do like the idea of conquering towns, controlling their policies, and even having personal maids. That’s some good waifu material just waiting to be exploited.

If you’re interested in learning more or paying a pence to the project, you can do so by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

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