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1473860cookie-checkHardspace: Shipbreaker Dev Diary Outlines Physics, Tool Upgrades, And Ship Hazards

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Dev Diary Outlines Physics, Tool Upgrades, And Ship Hazards

Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive released a new promotion developer diary for the upcoming sci-fi simulator, Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It’s pretty much a space version of Playway and Games Incubator’s Ship Graveyard, where you’ll need to deconstruct ships and sell their parts for dosh.

The five minute developer diary goes through the breakdown process and how the game functions, as well as what sort of tools and gameplay you can expect from Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

The game starts you off at a ship bay with a cutter and a grappling hook. You’ll need to complete various mission objectives in the campaign mode, which includes collecting certain parts or objects from specific places of the ship.

The challenge in Hardspace: Shipbreaker comes from some of the dangers that come with breaking apart various parts of the ship. Severing a pipe might leak hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere; or removing panels around a power generator might cause some charged parts to create electrical arcs that could damage or kill you.

The game houses both expected and unexpected hazards, as you’ll need to avoid setting off chain reactions, causing collapses, or avoiding explosions from volatile or unprotected components.

You’ll have to cautiously navigate your way through increasingly challenging and large-scape space ships, starting off with small passenger and scout ships and working your way up to carrier and capital ships.

Hardspace Shipbreaker - Space Station

To help aid you in tackling bigger and more challenging vessels, you’ll be able to up upgrade your tools and unlock new add-ons for them.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is scheduled to enter into Early Access on Steam starting June 16th on PC. You can check out the Steam store page right now to wishlist the game or follow the development.

Blackbird is also working on a version of the game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well.

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