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Liberated Noir-Drenched Gameplay Trailer Is Filled With 2.5D Action

The black and white noir side-scroller from Polish developer Walkabout and Atomic Wolf for the Nintendo Switch called Liberated received a brand new gameplay trailer featuring a look at the game’s side-scrolling, 2.5D action, some of the cinematics and a look at a couple of the characters you’ll be playing.

The trailer is only a minute long and it gives you a look at the playable characters in the game, as some of them engage in stealth tactics to get past guards or take down armed men in a dystopian society where privacy, rights, and freedom are endangered concepts.

You can see that intermixed with the traversal and combat are cinematic sequences steeped in the black and white noir aesthetic very similar to classic graphic novels like Red Tide or Sin City.

You can check out the trailer below.

In addition to sneaking up on unsuspecting foes and tackling them down with melee moves or shooting at oncoming enemies using an assortment of weapons, you’ll also have to engage in hacking mini-games as well as puzzle solving in order to progress.

The story flow and progression was greatly inspired by the works of Frank Miller and Will Eisner, but the story is obviously themed around the kind of totalitarian dystopia featured in works by Ellison or Orwell.

The game certainly looks striking, but a lot of the appeal of the art will depend on how well the gameplay holds up under scrutiny.

We’ve seen some games in the past go all-in on being visually stunning but short on replay value and gameplay immersion. So hopefully they manage to strike a balance between style and substance without forfeiting one or the other.

We’ll find out just how well that balance has been struck when Liberated launches on June 2nd for the Nintendo Switch.

For more information feel free to visit the Nintendo eShop page.

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