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1474310cookie-checkMechstermination Force Launches May 22nd On Steam

Mechstermination Force Launches May 22nd On Steam

Hörberg Productions and Flyhigh Works’ Mechstermination Force will be making a leap onto the Steam store starting May 22nd after having initially launched for the Nintendo Switch on the eShop as a digital ydownload back in April of 2019.

The game currently has a Steam store page that’s live where you can wishlist the game or follow it leading up to its release.

The game sees you taking control of a soldier tasked with taking down the MegaMechs, an invading force of towering mechanical giants who have taken over the world.

You’ll need to climb, jump, shoot and navigate your way around the MegaMechs across a variety of different levels in order to rid the planet of the mechanical menace.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

As you can see in the trailer, you’ll need to acquire different weapons to battle different kinds of mechs, each with their own patterns and attacks you’ll need to learn and master in order to overcome them. The game’s 2.5D perspective is utilized in a pretty cool way as each of the mechs get their moment in the spotlight during battle.

Each of the bosses will need to have their armor whittled down until their weak spots are exposed so that you can finally finish them off.

If you haven’t picked up the game on the Nintendo Switch, and you’re not fond of grabbing the game on PC, you’re in luck because the PS4 and Xbox One are not out of the picture. According to Gematsu, the developers at Hörberg Productions informed them that there are ports in the works for Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

If you’re into boss rush shooters with the added bonus of a two-player local co-op mode, then you’ll probably want to keep an eye on Mechstermination Force.

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