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1473180cookie-checkSecond Front, Tactical TBS Lets You Play As Americans, Germans, Russians During World War II

Second Front, Tactical TBS Lets You Play As Americans, Germans, Russians During World War II

Tactical turn-based strategy games have been flooding the market in recent times but they’re far from strategic and they’re about as shallow as the water in a Nova Scotian pool during autumn. Thankfully, the originators of good tactical-turn based games (apart from FASA) is making a return to form with a series of new war-based strategy sims. Yes, Microprose has several new games that they’re publishing, including the World War II tactical turn-based strategy game from Hexdraw called Second Front.

The game features multiple scenarios in the campaign mode where you get to play as the Americans, the Russians, or as the Germans, a rarity in today’s politically-charged games.

The hex-based TBS title will also come fully equipped with a full-fledged editor where you can create your very own scenarios involving the units, buildings, and factions present in the game.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below courtesy of Worth Playing.

My only concern with Second Front is that it’s being billed as an “accessible game”, and usually I fret at such descriptions because it usually results in half-arsed, string-along, carry-the-player style games like Firaxis’ XCOM and every other pseudo-turn-based title that uses that poor-man’s system to call itself a strategy game.

However, some of the meta elements of the game look as if it can get deep. For instance, tank units have more than just a basic life bar and a cannon. Each tank has six sides of armor, along with target size, reload gauge, and a distance meter. So you’ll have to take into consideration unit positioning, which side is facing the enemy, and how to maximize the armor against multiple units.

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The game’s strategic layers dive even deeper when you consider there are 200 different types of vehicles and infantry units, along with different small weapons for each faction. Map layouts play a big part in how you’ll tactically approach enemies as well, with 22 different styles of terrain and 80 types of buildings that you can use as cover or as obstructions to waylay your opponent’s advances.

Hopefully the game plays as well as it’s described on Steam store page.

You can wishlist Hexdraw’s turn-based strategy game right now or keep an eye on the official website for more info about Second Front.

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