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Super Mega Baseball 3 Cheats Give You Super Score, Perfect Swings, Easy Strikeouts

Metalhead Software’s Super Mega Baseball 3 is one of the few sports games released for this generation of home consoles and PC that isn’t a microtransaction cash-grab or a poorly reskinned annual outing used to subversively destroy the fabric of Western civilization. For those of you who picked up a copy and would like to exercise a little bit of your freedom to exploit the system, there are some cheats for that.

The first trainer is available for download from over on

The trainer features the following cheats for Super Mega Baseball 3:

  • +50,000 Player Development Funds
  • +1 Home Team Score
  • + 1 Visiting Team Score
  • -1 Home Team Score
  • -1 Visiting Team Score
  • +1 Strike
  • -1 Strike
  • +1 Ball
  • -1 Ball
  • +1 Out
  • -1 Out

As is usual with the MegaDev trainer, you get a handful of free cheats to go along with the premium ones. The development funds, along with the home and away team scoring, are all free to use. Technically it should be enough to game the system and win any of the single player championship modes without a problem.

All of the other cheat options will require a premium membership to access, however.

There’s a second cheat trainer available to download over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer features the following Super Mega Baseball 3 cheats:

• Super Score Starpoints
• Perfect Power Swing
• Easy Strikeouts
• Allow Player Editor At All Times
• Quick Set Editor Value to 99
• Game Speed
• Edit: Hometeam Score
• Edit: Visitor Score
• Edit: Strikes
• Edit: Strikes
• Edit: Balls
• Edit: Outs
• Edit: Max Innings
• Edit: Current Inning
• Edit: Team Batting (set to 0 or 1)
• Edit: Team Budget Base Value
• Edit: Player Development Funds

The Cheat Happens trainer gives you access to a lot more options than MegaDev, but it does come at a cost. You will need to register with a premium membership to access the trainers at Cheat Happens.

On the plus side, you can edit things like the game speed, or how easy it is to get strikeouts, or modify the team batting and budget base values.

Alternatively, you can try to get your hands on rare players who have special stats. YouTuber Emmdotfrisk acquired Grace Bravo and managed to help clinch some hard-to-hit pitches in a tight bind.

We’ll update the article when more cheat options become available for Super Mega Baseball 3.

The game is currently out and can be purchased for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Given that the game supports cross-play multiplayer, be sure to avoid using any cheat trainers when playing online, otherwise you will get VAC banned and your account will lose access to multiplayer privileges.