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1482340cookie-checkComcast Subsidiary Sky Cinema Adds Trigger Warnings To Classic Movies

Comcast Subsidiary Sky Cinema Adds Trigger Warnings To Classic Movies

There is a particular criticism that often gets levied at any commentary right of deranged; how we interject politics into matters that otherwise shouldn’t have politics interjected. That because of which, we are somehow hypocrites or are failing to serve our own desires as a result of this action.

What these people are doing is a tactic out of Rules for Radicals. Simply you discover what your opponent’s rules and standards are, and you make them live by it. Thus if we’re against politics in gaming or entertainment where it otherwise shouldn’t be then we are hypocrites. If you are against riots called protests, then you are against the American tradition despite the founding fathers marching the military against dissenter.

At the same time, one does so they are free to do whatever you like. As the left has said everything is political, then there is nothing wrong with the Comcast British subsidiary Sky Cinema adding trigger warnings to their content.

Said warning reads, “This film has outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offense today.” Its addition is to help push for civil rights following the death of George Floyd at the hands of corrupt police in Democrat-controlled Minneapolis.

Currently, this has been applied to such films as Aliens, Gone with the Wind, Flash Gordon, and the original animated Dumbo movie.

The warnings inclusion on the live-action remake of Aladdin, as noted by Paul Joseph Watson, is reported by Sky Cinema to be a mistake. The warning label was intended to be applied to the classic animated version, not the live-action remake Disney produced only last year. That they overzealously applied the warning label to the wrong movie should demonstrate there is no evaluation process. Merely a systematic attack against cultural institutions.

Notice how it wasn’t us or anyone on the right who brought contemporary politics into cinema. Nor did any of us begin applying these asinine warning labels or demand the erasure of historic classics because they may offend extremists on the left. Who will tell you that if you disagree with the inclusion of these warning labels, you are a racist bigot who doesn’t care about civil rights.

Does such rhetoric sound like people earnestly looking to tackle civil rights? Civil rights that are infringed by totalitarian overreach by the governments through laws passed and implemented by politicians. Or does it appear to be what it is? A systematical dismantling of cultural institutions as part of a progressive campaign of cultural deconstructionism of the prevailing culture to allow for its replacement by communism.

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