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1482100cookie-checkHorizon 2: Forbidden West To Release For PS5 Sometime In 2021

Horizon 2: Forbidden West To Release For PS5 Sometime In 2021

Often referred to by many as Horizon 2: Forbidden West or Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Sony and Guerrilla Games have revealed that the sequel to the 2017 game is dubbed “Horizon Forbidden West.” Moreover, the second game will carry on the social justice feminist torch from the first title and will launch sometime in 2021 for PS5.

The second entry in the franchise will touch on typical social justice talking points while ham-fisting the usual narrative of “the future is female” and “women don’t need men.” All of this can be seen in the newly dropped video trailer that depicts Horizon Forbidden West’s game director, Mathijs de Jonge, sharing new info on the 2021 game:

One of the pitches that Jonge tries to sell gamers is that Horizon Forbidden West will have little to no load times. This means that when traveling around the game’s open-world (which includes swimming around bodies of water), players will be able to travel around “seamlessly” without any load times.

Jonge also touches on the act of fast-travel, a feature that’s in many open-world games, and how it won’t take long to load areas when hopping from one part of the map to another. However, the actual product at launch will be the true testament, unlike Jonge’s claims.

As for the story, the above video outlines that Aloy must take up the path of Greta Thunberg and save the environment from people that “don’t know what they are doing.” The video also showcases that she must stop a group of “untamed men” that found a way to take control of the robotic wildlife for their own gain.

I’m sure the game will have even more woke plot points that will either make little to no sense or reach levels of stupidity to spread agitprop like there’s no tomorrow.

In the meantime, the game in question will release for the PS5 sometime next year.

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