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King Of Fighters R-2, Samurai Shodown!2 Headed To Nintendo Switch This Summer

SNK announced that in addition to the Warden from For Honor becoming available in Samurai Shodown for home consoles and the Epic Games Store, there are also two games making their way to the Nintendo Switch via part of the NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection this summer.

Both games will reportedly look and play exactly as they did when they originally on the NeoGeo Pocket Color back in 1999. There are no sprite alterations, or Western “localization” to tamper with the games.

SNK rolled out a promotional trailer for the English version of King of Fighters R-2, which you can check out below.

As you can see, the game is still identical to how it was way back in the day. Only this time around you’ll be able to play it on your Nintendo Switch. Of course, for people who already have a modded Switch, they will likely just load up a NeoGeo Pocket emulator and spare themselves the hassle of actually paying for the game.

But for people who would like to support the company, the option to pay for the re-release of King of Fighters R-2 will be available this summer.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get your hands on Samurai Shodown!2, in addition to SNK Gal’s Fighters already being available.

Despite only having two buttons and a simple control scheme, the games play rather smooth and the team put a heck of a lot of love into the animations and character sprite fluidity. It’s a shame that this era of quality sprite work is over with, and now we’re stuck with a lot of faux 8-bit hipster trash.

Anyway, if you wanted to take a bit of nostalgia with you on the go, you can look for both games to arrive this summer for the Nintendo Switch.

For more information on the games available as part of the NeoGeo Pocket Collection, feel free to visit the official website.

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