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1480430cookie-checkNetflix Bans The League Of Gentlemen, Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh For “Blackface”

Netflix Bans The League Of Gentlemen, Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh For “Blackface”

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Britbox have banned a number of shows, basically over the non-existent issue they’re calling “blackface”. In particular, Little Britain has been banned by Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Britbox.

According to The Independent, the bans for Little Britain took place June 5th for Netflix, and June 10th for BBC iPlayer and Britbox.

You can see one of the sketches below that highlights what sent Social Justice Warriors into a tizzy, begging Netflix to pull the show for fracturing the very fragile sensibilities of their reality-averse perspectives.

But that wasn’t the only banhammer being dropped this past week.

Following up on Little Britain getting the axe were two other shows that aired in the U.K., The League of Gentlemen and The Mighty Boosh.

According to The Guardian, Netflix pulled both series.

If you’re curious what landed the show in hot water for Netflix, you can check out one of the sketches below.

As pointed out by The Guardian, you can at least still catch The League of Gentlemen’s sketch series on BBC iPlayer, and so far the reports indicate that there are no plans to remove it from the service… yet.

It’s a sad day when sketch comedies from 15 years ago are now somehow considered verboten in today’s society, much of it spurred on by riots that were kick-started under false pretenses. Worse yet is that we’re seeing a big push for more Socialist control in our society, which never ends well for the common man.

Expect more censorship to roll down the pipeline as the Regressive Left are stepping up their tactics to defenestrate police enforcers and to cull any kind of media you find entertaining that hey find offensive.

We’re rolling toward a 1984 future faster than the social media Centrists™ can strawman a defense in favor of our Big Tech-controlled society.

Just remember that we tried to warn this would happen.

(Thanks for the news tip durka durka)

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