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1482160cookie-checkNintendo Rep Sloane Skipper Wolf Praised Shake Shack For Poisoning Cops

Nintendo Rep Sloane Skipper Wolf Praised Shake Shack For Poisoning Cops

Sloane Skipper Wolf, a Nintendo of America representative, has come under fire recently after making a tweet about supporting the fast food chain, Shake Shack, for allegedly poisoning cops.

SausageRoll reported that in a quote-tweet response to Andrew Yang, Wolf praised Shake Shack for poisoning police officers.


Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz alerted Nintendo of America about Wolf’s tweet, which prompted her to close her Twitter account and remove any mention of Nintendo from her social media profiles.

However, it should be noted that Bounding Into Comics reported that an investigation was launched into whether or not Shake Shack actually poisoned three officers, and it turned out that that was not the case, .

On June 16th, 2020 the New York Police Chief, Rodney Harrison, and Shake Shack both issued statements clarifying the matter.

As noted by SausageRoll and Bounding Into Comics, Nintendo has not commented on Wolf’s conduct.

Despite Wolf going into hiding after making the tweet, news sites still picked up on the tweet and broadcast it around.

A similar incident happened with another Nintendo rep back in 2016 named Alison Rapp, who was fired for moonlighting as an escort.

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