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1497260cookie-checkA Glimpse at the Nintendo Switch Pro

A Glimpse at the Nintendo Switch Pro

Once a rumor, now an all but confirmed guarantee, the Nintendo Switch Pro boasts beefier hardware and smoother gameplay than its predecessor. This system aims to better handle the system requirements that many modern day games demand and provide smooth and fluid gameplay for its customers. While the Nintendo Switch was a hallmark of what handheld systems could achieve, many games lagged and crashed too often. Games exported from PC to the Nintendo Switch, such as Diablo 3 and Witcher 3, suffer the most.

               Potential possibilities of the Nintendo Switch Pro include:

  • 4K graphics
  • OLED display
  • Adjustments to the controller
  • Stronger hardware

While these changes are up in the air and ultimately nothing more than rumors, corporations such as Bloomberg have weighed in on the matter, claiming that “Nintendo Co. plans to unveil a model of its Switch gaming console equipped with a bigger Samsung OLED display this year”, suggesting involvement from Samsung.

               Though we do not know a release date, let alone a date for an official announcement, it is likely that Nintendo will do a proper reveal during E3 this year from June 14 to June 17, along with additional announcements. Fans that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be used for Nintendo’s new, promising titles, such as a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, or a new Mario Kart sequel. As of now, both Nintendo and Samsung have declined to comment.

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