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Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Will Add Fallout’s Vault Boy, Min Min From ARMS

Two new characters will be joining the ever-expanding content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The first is a costume for Mii’s in the form of Vault Boy from the Fallout series, while the second is the noodle-armed Chinese fighter, Min Min, from ARMS.

The announcements were made on June 22nd, 2020 from the official Nintendo of Europe accounts on Twitter.

Unfortunately, there is no gameplay attached to the tweet, and most of the Twitter comments lamented the fact that the choice wasn’t Ribbon Girl or Spring Man, two of the more recognizable faces from ARMS.

Although, from the standpoint of those who have actually played and mastered ARMS, it does make sense to add Min Min given that she’s probably one of the most difficult characters to face off against in the game.

Technically skilled gamers will also recognize that she’s also one of the characters in the upper echelons of ranked gameplay, along with Ninjara and Twintelle.

Nintendo did post up a half-hour video for Min Min, with Mr. Sakurai walking gamers through her mechanics.

Min Min gets to keep her default attachments, as well as the ability to swap to the other starting attachments in ARMS. So you can modify your fighting style depending on who you’re fighting and the stage.

For the announcement that the Vault Boy costume would make its way into the game, Nintendo did release a 23 second promotional teaser for the update, which you can view below.

The Mii Gunner costume featuring Vault Boy from Fallout will be available starting June 30th, 2020.

So the wait won’t be long.

Also, keep in mind that Nintendo of America is not your friend. They are on the Traitors of America master list.

The good part is that at least Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of Japan recognize that they’re gaming companies, and stayed in their lanes.

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