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Stefan Molyneux Banned From YouTube For “Hate Speech”

After 14 years of producing content on YouTube the outspoken but soft-spoken author, content creator, modern day intellectual, and sociopolitical pundit, Stefan Molyneux, has been banned from YouTube.

The news was made public via Molyneux’s own Twitter account on June 29th, 2020.

Why exactly was he banned?

Well, if you follow the links through to his YouTube channel, there’s a message that states that the account was banned for multiple violations of “hate speech”.


This is a corporate euphemism for “ideas and facts we don’t like”.

Molyneux’s account had amassed over 928,000 subscribers, and featured more than 3,400 videos. According to Social Blade his account had accrued more than 302 million views when it was banned from YouTube.

He’s not standing by idly while his account is being nuked, though. Molyneux has been aggressively trying to get the attention of YouTube to find out what part of his videos accounted for “hate speech”, but as of the writing of this article there has been no response from YouTube.

Even people who didn’t agree with or like what the content creator had to say came to speak up on his behalf.

Molyneux has been one of many hit by Big Tech’s purge of people considered “wrongthinkers”, or otherwise those with a large enough platform to inform or enlighten people to Left-wing agitprop.

At this point, Big Tech is intent on running away with the general elections this November and they need every dissenting voice out of the way, which includes people like Stefan Molyneux.

We warned you about this last year, but Moderates, Frailservatives, and Centrists™ refused to listen. Now it’s too late to stop it and all we can do now is see the Left’s machinations come to fruition.

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