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There Is No Light, Grimdark Lovecraftian Action-RPG Pulls No Punches

There’s a cool new game in the works from Hypetrain Digital and Zelart called There Is No Light. It’s one of those Lovecraftian themed games about mind-altering eldritch monsters drenched in gore and with violent intentions motivating their every move.

The game was originally announced to receive a Nintendo Switch version back in April, but not many people paid attention to the trailer. You can check it out below if you’re curious to see what it looks like.

Much like other action-RPGs out there mirrored after the Soulsborne genre, you’ll have to pick and choose your attacks wisely, dash-dodge to get out of the way of imminent danger, and venture through dark locations to face off against nightmare-inducing creatures.

The simple gist of the plot is that a global catastrophe has wiped out nearly the entire population of the planet, and you’ll have to single-handedly fight your way through forces from another dimension to save what’s left the world.

There Is No Light - The Depot

I have to say that the hand-painted sprite-work in this game is absolutely top notch, but it’s not only that ; the game has some fantastic audio direction.

Obviously you’re not going to get the full scope of it from the trailer above, but there’s a gameplay demo that was published by Alpha Beta Gamer back in may of 2020, and it gives you a much deeper look at the mechanics, some of the locations, and a little bit of insight into the lore behind There Is No Light. You can check it out below.

There are some interesting differences between There Is No Light and other action-RPGs imitating the Soulsborne style of exploration. For instance, instead of a standard stamina meter where you’re constantly losing stamina per action, you can build up a meter with your attacks and when it’s full you’ll unleash a powerful AOE attack on nearby enemies.

After killing a few enemies at the Depot, the traveler makes his way to a town… but it’s not filled with cheery folk willing to part ways with their belongings to help you on your journey. These people are broken, desperate, and hopeless. Many of them are without limbs, or suffered greatly at the hands of false prophets using religion to rule like an iron fist.

It reminds me a little bit of the game Blasphemous, but There Is No Light is absolutely relentless.

Unfortunately the alpha demo for There Is No Light is no longer available, as it was only present during the Steam Summer Festival, but you can still add the game to your wishlist or follow it for future development updates.

For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.

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