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Unsung Story Gameplay Video Demonstrates Turn-Based Battles

Little Orbit’s crowdfunded TBS title, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is still coming along in the development sphere, and they recently held a stream to showcase some of the gameplay, the characters you’ll control, the special attacks, and more.

The livestream is nearly three hours long. It covers a lot of the basics of the game’s story, and also a lot of the combat minutiae. They explain how the game’s terrain will affect how combat works, such as the vertical levels of the tiles will determine the effectiveness of some attacks, as well as how positioning and directions will also change how well certain spells are casts, or how much life can be restored from healing.

You can check out the very lengthy livestream video below.

Much like Final Fantasy: Tactics you’ll have a small band of party members at your disposal, each with their own skillsets and abilities. You’ll have to tactically make use of them on the field, much like The Banner Saga to avoid losing vital members to stupid mistakes, such as keeping your healers in areas where they can easily be attacked, or not properly buffing your tanks to absorb hits.

They also added a lot of casual elements to the game, too, such as being able to cancel ending your turn if you click “End Turn” by mistake.

A few other neat options is that some of your units can pass through each other when moving to new spaces, so you can avoid the conundrum of having several units trying to get to a certain tile but can’t because another unit is in front of them, blocking the pathway to a free tile.

They also made it where quest-members – who only join briefly for some side-quests or story quests – won’t absorb any of the experience points from the rest of your main party, so you don’t have to worry about them taking experience that otherwise would have gone to your main party had the guests not been there.

The game was originally supposed to be out back in 2015, but they’re now targeting a late 2020 release for Unsung Story. You can keep track of the game by visiting the Kickstarter update page.

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