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1487220cookie-checkAmber Heard Releases Staged Drug Photo to Smear Johnny Depp and Instantly Gets Exposed

Amber Heard Releases Staged Drug Photo to Smear Johnny Depp and Instantly Gets Exposed

Johnny Depp’s life was ruined when his former wife, Amber Heard, decided to portray him as an abusive psychopath. Through friends and connections in the media, his name has been dragged through the mud causing him to lose roles and endure systematic calls for him to be removed from his role in the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts. Where many others would have buckled or have failed, Depp set to work gathering every piece of evidence he could, to systematically dismantle Heard’s claims. Thus far, he has succeeded in his endeavor to clear his name.

Now, if you want to keep up with the latest occurrences and see all that has transpired in this saga, there is no better channel than That Umbrella Guy. Currently, in the United Kingdoms, Johnny Depp is suing The Sun and its parent organization News Corp over libelous comments the paper printed. As you can imagine, they are pulling out all the stops to demonize Depp in the court of public opinion as they are well aware their case is relatively weak.

In this vein, Heard has released photos supposedly depicting Johnny Depp’s drug abuse. Unfortunately for her and her friend, the internet did what the internet does best and proved the picture is staged.

Notably, there is the appearance of Heard’s purse, tampon device, driver’s license, and cup. Among several other discrepancies, such as that not being cocaine and whiskey not being carbonated allowed users to refute the credibility of the image easily.

Even on Twitter, which is known for is strong radical left orientation, they are not getting the reaction they likely had hoped for.

With staged evidence of this caliber, is it any surprise her legal team dropped her? Both Heard and the Sun would be wise to look up what a pyrrhic victory is. For even if they somehow win in court, their reputation will be forever stained.

Also pro-tip for Heard, when you fake cocaine, you use powdered sugar. It has a similar consistency to cocaine and is what the movie industry has used for decades to achieve the same effect.

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