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1488820cookie-checkBloodborne’s Cris Velasco Tapped To Score Lovecraftian Horror Game Carrion

Bloodborne’s Cris Velasco Tapped To Score Lovecraftian Horror Game Carrion

One of the most inventive new games in the works is Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion. It’s billed as a “reverse horror game” since you take on the role of an extra-dimensional crawler that starts off as a bloody-red blob, but then goes through a malformation into a horrifying, multi-limbed carrion that rips, shreds, dismembers, infects, and eats everything that it encounters.

To help bring the game’s terrifying atmosphere to life is Cris Velasco, well known for having scored plenty of games over the years, from Warhammer 40K to Company of Heroes, to the multi-award winning action-RPG, Bloodborne.

He’s now working with the Materia Collective – who is on the Traitors of America master list – to score the soundtrack for Carrion.

Velasco commented in the press release about the 25-track album, saying…

“The score to CARRION is unlike anything I’ve written before. While there are still melodic moments of grandeur and even beauty, the majority of the score is quite dystopian. You play as the monster in this reverse horror game. No one gets out alive, and the music won’t let you forget. The score is the monster’s inner dialogue. It should fill you with dread, helplessness, and the feeling that an unknowable malevolent entity could take you at any moment.”

According to the press release, the album will be released on July 23rd.

The album is featured over on Bandcamp, but you can’t preview any of the tunes or even get a sample of what the score might sound like.

The closest thing you’ll be able to scrape together musically from Carrion is from the trailers.

It’s unfortunate that Phobia Game Studio is trapped under the publishing license of Devolver Digital, since they’re also on the Traitors of America master list.

Carrion, however, is due to release on July 23rd, 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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