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1485890cookie-checkDevelopers Should Create Complete Games Worth Customers’ Money, Says Bartosz Kmita

Developers Should Create Complete Games Worth Customers’ Money, Says Bartosz Kmita

You don’t have to look far to find a triple-A game that is completely broken at launch filled with DLC and microtransactions (MTX). One prime example is Electronic Arts and DICE’s Battlefield 4 at launch. Said game hit store shelves broken at full retail price with MTX to follow seven months later coupled with DLC and a season pass. Contrary to this, Bartosz Kmita — Outriders‘ creative director — says that developers should release complete games that respect gamers and fans’ money.

It should be noted that Square Enix and People Can Fly’s Outriders, so far, features generic gameplay and hideous current year female characters. However, the director over the forthcoming next-gen game believes that gamers should be given quality games that are not too short or filled with crazy MTX.

Kmita’s following explanation is in response to former PlayStation executive Shawn Layden’s prediction. If you don’t know, Layden proposed that next-gen blockbuster games will hit a wall due to the current structure of making video games. To avoid this “wall,” gamers either have to pay extra money for new games or games become shorter but stay at full retail price.

With that said, cited Kmita during an exclusive interview saying the following in response to Layden’s next-gen prediction:

“Let’s be honest: games are not super cheap, so we have to give value for the money that people are paying. Games that are short but still full price… I think that is not the way we should go in the industry overall.

We are a good example, because we are trying to deliver not a ‘game as a service’ but a finished product. We are doing the game that we strongly believe will be fair for the players.

For the amount of money players will pay for it they will receive a lot of hours of a fun experience, with an endgame that will make it possible to enjoy the game even more. And that’s what I’m expecting as a player too, from other companies.”

In other words, Kmita thinks that overpaying for next-gen games or playing shorter blockbuster titles for the same $59.99 price tag won’t resolve anything. Instead, he thinks of delivering a finished product that is fair to players, both monetary and value-wise, will be a “good example.”

Kmita also believes that most expensive/blockbusters games make back their money, so high-profile publishers and developers can’t complain:

“Of course, there are these huge companies doing extremely expensive games, but the way I see it, those games are also very profitable for them, so they cannot complain.”

Lastly, Outriders is due to release for PC and current and next-gen consoles.

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