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1490910cookie-checkDomino’s Pizza Triggers Xbox Fanboys By Poking Fun At Halo: Infinite’s Graphics

Domino’s Pizza Triggers Xbox Fanboys By Poking Fun At Halo: Infinite’s Graphics

With Halo: Infinite gearing up to release in the next three or four months, many expected the campaign gameplay trailer that appeared during the recent Xbox Games Showcase to be something noteworthy. However, an uncanny presentation appeared instead that spawned many memes. Using one of those memes to poke fun at Halo: Infinite’s graphics is the UK branch of Domino’s Pizza, which has triggered many Xbox fanboys.

Given that Halo: Infinite is a next-gen game, there’s a certain level of expectancy since games ten years ago attempted to be as ambitious as possible much like Electronic Arts and Crytek’s 2007 gam,e Crysis — which you can read more about in our ongoing retro review series.

Nevertheless, the new Halo trailer that was ripe for spawning memes that appeared a week ago now has 343 Industries devs like Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard acknowledging these memes:

This gave the UK branch for Domino’s Pizza a platform to shine light on the growing Halo meme, which led to the following jab of next-gen graphics looking worse than current-gen graphics during [current year] gaming:

Like clockwork, the Xboys came out of the woodwork to put on their Craig masks to cover their butthurt faces and lash out at Domino’s Pizza. Of course, responses to the pizza joint’s tweet resemble the following:

More Xbros came out of the Craig wreckage to defend the poor quality that somehow got greenlit for the Xbox Games Showcase by spewing the following:

Contrary to all of the doom and gloom responses, other people came to embrace the Craig meme by playing into the jab provided by Domino’s Pizza:

Looking past the butthurt fanboys and those chiming in to poke fun at Halo: Infinite’s blunders, it looks like Domino’s Pizza UK account isn’t backing down or is ashamed of what it posted given that the joint stands by its critique wrapped up in a meme joke:

With all of that said, Halo: Infinite will release this holiday season across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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