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Echo Generation, Earthbound Meets Stranger Things RPG Heads To Xbox, PC In 2021

During Microsoft’s showcase for the Xbox Series X this past week, one of the indie games on display was from Cococumber called Echo Generation. The promotional trailer revealed that it’s a turn-based role-playing game set in an alternate early 1990s with the aesthetic brought to life through high definition voxel effects.

The story is classic 1980s-style kids adventure fanfare. You play a group of friends in a neighborhood who witness a mysterious crash that results in the town being attacked by monsters, robots, and aliens. So it’s up to the friends to get strong, get smart, and defeat the evil invasion in order to save the world.

On the outset it sounds quite wholesome, and hopefully the developers stick to that. You can check out a gameplay trailer for Echo Generation below.

The only downside is that it looks like the main character is a halfie.

Beyond that, though, I have to admit that the presentation was pretty decent. I love the synthwave music selection, and the creepy Stranger Things-style environments is a nice touch. You can also find our Stranger Things 3 cheats here.

But what’s more is that they decided to bring back turn-based combat mechanics, not unlike the classic Mother (or Earthbound for Westerners) series.

You’ll have to investigate various mysteries, take down bosses, and explore the town, all while gathering skills, friends, and items in order to help aid you in defeating the enemy bosses.

I guess you could say Echo Generation is a combination of Earthbound, Stranger Things and Minecraft all rolled into one. That’s not a bad selling point.

The game is basically going to be a console and PC exclusive, releasing only on the Xbox series of consoles and on Steam for PC. The Steam store page is currently live right now.

You can expect to see Echo Generation make its debut in the world of gaming at some point in 2021.

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