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1487520cookie-checkFar Cry 6 Has Multiple Editions With Outrageous Pricing

Far Cry 6 Has Multiple Editions With Outrageous Pricing

Is anyone excited for the new Far Cry 6 with its authoritarian main antagonist? Don’t get me wrong he looks interesting, but Ubisoft’s attempts to recapture the magic of Vaas with each new reveal focusing on the antagonist is getting old. Thus far we know very little about the game, have only seen “gameplay” screenshots that are either PC rendered or from the next generation of consoles, and know virtually little about the game.

Despite this, Ubisoft feels confident to reveal the game will have multiple overpriced editions for consumers to choose from.


For starters, you have the standard edition at $59.99 that comes with the game, something that sadly needs to be said in current year. For $109.99 you can secure the gold edition with the season pass. A pretty standard affair, but with the nice flair of upgrading the Gold Edition’s steel box art with a new color pallet rather than plaster “Gold Edition” across the cover.


The Ultimate Edition is the Gamestop exclusive version of the game. For $129.99 you can enjoy three, count em, three DLC with extra weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and companions. That collectively would have been given out as a preorder bonus a few years ago.

eOlLOz9 Now if you’re a real chump, I mean champion, you can get the Collectors edition for $199.99. It comes with:

-The Ultimate edition with the three cheaply produced skin sets

-the collector’s case

-a 64-page artbook

-10 stickers

-a non-functional 72 cm flamethrower with the stand

-“How to Assemble” instructions that appears to be instructions on how to produce the weapon in-game

-a Steelbook

-Selected soundtrack (IE songs they don’t have to pay a lot of money to distribute)

-Chorizo Keyring

-Map of Yara

Look, I may be a humble super villain assuming my secret identity as a mild-mannered One Angry Gamer reporter, but even I can see Ubisoft’s plans to bolster their earnings by extracting more money out of a diminishing pool of consumers will only damage their reputation going forward. Resulting in further decreases in the consumer pool from which they can draw money.

The second reason this game is likely priced out of the average consumer’s range is because of the growing calls for regulations of microtransactions and loot boxes. Mechanics the industry has utilized to support going ever woker in their product design, along with the corporate bloat that generates that wokeness. With the UK poised to have the mechanics classified as gambling by year’s end and the rest of Europe likely to quickly follow suit, the industry is looking for new ways to bolster their earnings.

In the end, all these moves are going to do is price people out of the market. Hastening an economic downturn for the industry as a whole. Probably shouldn’t be interrupting them while they’re making a mistake, come to think about it.

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