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Liftoff: Drone Racing Trailer Reveals Campaign Challenges, Flight Model

Astragon Entertainment released the first campaign gameplay trailer for Liftoff: Drone Racing from Belgian game developer LuGus Studios. The trailer clocks in at just under two minutes, featuring a look at your humble beginnings as a drone enthusiasts, all the way up your big-league races against some of the best pilots in the industry.

The trailer rewinds all the way back to when your character first gets their start in drone racing… basically in a backyard with wooden fences as race lines and empty sheds working as obstacles to avoid running into.

You can check out the very chill campaign trailer below.

The chillstep techno really helped make the gameplay feel modern and also as if it were being displayed as a hip corporate presentation in the middle of a convention hall.

But basically, the early goings of the game will focus on learning how to lift off, how to pitch and dive around obstacles, how to yaw and roll, how to fly along the racing line, and most importantly… how not to crash.

Once you master the basics you’ll then need to compete in regional tournaments, and eventually make your way up to the nationals, and then international leagues where you’ll compete to become the best drone pilot in the world.

Liftoff Drone Racing - Night Racing

As you progress through the game you’ll also unlock new drones and drone parts that you can use to customize your flyer.

Outside of the campaign mode, there’s also single races, a free-style mode, and a free- flight mode.

Additionally, there will be a multiplayer component that is attached to the game as well, but they didn’t cover that tidbit in the trailer. However, more information on the multiplayer will arrive soon.

You can look for Liftoff Drone Racing at some point this year for the Xbox One and PS4. For more information feel free to visit the official website.

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