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Splinter Cell Will Gain An Animated TV Series Adaptation On Netflix

Despite rumors flying around that Ubisoft is interested in bringing back Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series, it looks like Mr. Fisher will appear on the small screen first rather than on PC or home consoles. According to a new report, Netflix — who is on the Traitors of America list alongside Ubisoft —  is gearing up to air a new Splinter Cell animated series with the help of John Wick writer Derek Kolstad.

As per (archive), it looks like Netflix, Ubisoft, and Kolstad will be working together to make an animated series or TV adaptation of the popular Tom Clancy franchise “Splinter Cell.”

Moreover, if you are unaware of what’s under Kolstad’s belt, know that he has worked on all three “John Wick” films and recently co-created the Quibi series “Die Hart,” starring Kevin Hart and John Travolta.

Furthermore, Kolstad also worked on the “Falcon and Winter Soldier” series that will premier on Disney Plus as well as the feature “Nobody” at Universal. The latter film is set to release in 2021, while “Falcon and Winter Soldier” is expected to debut sometime later this year.

With all of that said, Kolstad will serve as the writer and executive producer on the upcoming Splinter Cell Netflix series. The website also notes that the forthcoming adaptation has received a two-season, 16 episode order.

It’s unclear at this point how the art style will look and whether or not the show will take liberties to cut-corners to reduce quality or if it will be noteworthy art-wise, but however it goes, we’ll find out either later this year or in early 2021.

As for specifics and details on the upcoming Splinter Cell animated adaptation, Netflix, Ubisoft, and reps for Kolstad declined to comment on the specifics of the deal. In other words, time will tell what will go down regarding this show.

The last new entry in the military/espionage series was Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which released across PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on August 20th, 2013.

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