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1491920cookie-checkBodycam Footage Reveals George Floyd Requested To Be Held On Ground

Bodycam Footage Reveals George Floyd Requested To Be Held On Ground

Fake news media have lied to the people. For months they convinced people to engage in domestic terrorism on the false claim that police officers Devin Chauvin, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao killed George Floyd. However, new bodycam footage reveals that Floyd asked to be held on the ground, and that everything he requested the officers complied with cordially.

The Daily Mail published leaked footage of the bodycam from the officers that arrested Floyd on August 3rd, 2020. The eight minute clip can be viewed below.

The footage showcases that Floyd did resist arrest and that opposite of what news media reported, Floyd was not thrown to the ground and knelt on until he died.

In reality, police officers had placed him in the back in the cruiser, only for Floyd to explain that he suffered from anxiety and that he couldn’t breathe while in the back in the vehicle.

He then asks to be laid on the ground.

YouTuber Vincent James does a fantastic job of breaking down what’s happening and how the media has lied to the American people, leading to countless damages and destruction of public property, as well as multiple homicides, rapes, and assault at the hands of domestic terrorists.

The relevant part of the leaked footage from the Daily Mail starts at the 5:44 mar, where officers are attempting to place Floyd in the back of the cruiser, but he warns them that he’s claustrophobic. He’s then told that he’s still going in the back of the cruiser, to which Floyd responds…

“I’m claustrophobic. Please Mr. Officer, stay with me, man. Please stay with me, man.”

The officer is then heard saying “I will, I will,” as they slowly place him in the back of the vehicle.

Floyd is then seen and heard protesting being put into the back of the vehicle where he keeps saying that he has COVID and that they “do him bad”, all while the officers calmly attempt to get him in the back of the cruiser.

Floyd is then heard saying…

“Man, I’m scared as shit.

“When I start breathing it’s gonna go up on me, man.”

The officers then tell him to place his legs in the vehicle, and he responds by saying “Okay, okay. Let me count to three and then I’m going in. Please, I’m not trying to [indiscernible]. I’ll get on the ground, anything.”

The officer then goes around to the other side, where they constantly keep asking Floyd to take a seat and he begins to go into a fit, screaming “Please” while saying “I can’t breathe” while he’s still in the back of the cruiser.

The relevant part comes at the 8:06 mark in the Daily Mail video where he instructs the officer to hold him on the ground, saying…

“Hold me on the ground. Hold me on the ground. Hold me on the ground. I’m going down. I’m going down. I can’t breathe. Let go of me, man. I can’t breathe.”

Keep in mind that he was saying this even before he was placed on the ground, and during the transition of being placed on the ground.

He was only placed on the ground because he requested to be placed on the ground after going into an anxiety-induced panic attack while in the back of the police cruiser. This was due to having high dosages of lethal drugs in his system, as revealed in the autopsy report, as reported by Natural News.

In result, it appears as if the officers were actually trying to help Floyd, per his request, which is why he ended up on the ground.

However, the media cooked up a smokescreen of volatile fabrications that resulted in America being destroyed from the inside out.

At this point it doesn’t look as if America will ever recover if things keep going at its current rate, unless the media is defunded and every reporter responsible for misreporting the news is prosecuted for inciting terrorist acts. Something needs to be done about the Traitors of America now that the truth is out there.

(Thanks for the news tip msoltys)

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