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1491750cookie-checkGuilty Gear Strive To Release Across PC, PS4 And PS5 In Spring 2021

Guilty Gear Strive To Release Across PC, PS4 And PS5 In Spring 2021

Arc System Works — a company on the Traitors of America list — announced that Guilty Gear Strive would be delayed to 2021 back on March 16th, 2020. As of recent, the company has announced that the stylized fighting game is set to make its debut next spring across PC, PS4, and PS5. Additionally, a new trailer showing off the game has arrived, revealing Leo Whitefang and series newcomer Nagoriyuki joining the fray.

Those of you wishing to pick up a PS5 or looking to embrace the power of PC will find that Guilty Gear Strive will land on both platforms, including the current-gen PS4. Moreover, Arc System Works will also bring the arcade version of Guilty Gear Strive to folks sometime next spring.

Although some fans stressed how they would like to see the fighting game make its debut late this year as intended, the game’s March 2020 beta was plagued with issues and development was disrupted by the growing concerns of the coronavirus, thus delaying the game in the process.

Using that extra time to fix the game, it looks like Arc System Works has added new characters to the ever-growing roster, which includes Leo Whitefang and newcomer Nagoriyuki.

You can check out the two new characters as well as the game’s release window right here:

“Arc System Works is pleased to announce that Guilty Gear -Strive- will be coming to PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Steam® in early 2021! Also, Leo Whitefang and series newcomer Nagoriyuki will be joining the Guilty Gear -Strive- roster.”

Right now, Guilty Gear Strive’s current roster includes Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, Faust, Ky Kiske, May, Millia Rage, Potemkin, Sol Badguy, Zato-1, Leo Whitefang, and now Nagoriyuki. Moving forward, expect more characters to pop up leading to the game’s release as well as post-launch via DLC.

Lastly, Guilty Gear Strive will launch in early 2021 for PC via Steam, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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