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Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats Bring Best Infinite Health, Items, And Resources 2020

Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Mobile released the official Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition across PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Accompanying the game’s PC release happens to be active Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats trainers that you can download right now for free.

If Guerrilla Games being on the Traitors of America master list doesn’t put a sour taste in your mouth, then Horizon Zero Dawn‘s PC port should. However, if those two things weren’t enough to deter you, then know that there are cheat trainers that you can snag for the game for free.

The first website that you can get free Horizon Zero Dawn cheats from is

Num 1 – Infinite Health

Num 2 – Full Medicine Pouch

Num 3 – Infinite Oxygen

Num 4 – Instant Charge Weapon

Num 5 – Infinite Ammo/Arrow

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Website calls for folks to be premium members to get a hold of the following Horizon Zero Dawn cheats:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Medicinal Pouch

Unlimited Underwater Breathing

Unlimited Party Health

Unlimited Use Items

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The next website that features cheats for Horizon: Zero Dawn comes in courtesy of The highlight for this trainer is that the app is free to download and you don’t have to worry about paying to access to get Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats :

God Mode

Unlimited Skill Points

Unlimited Medicine

Unlimited Oxygen

Mega Exp

And lastly, website has a plethora of Horizon cheats for you to look over right here. The cheats, however, are part of a cheat table that work in conjunction with the Cheat Engine. So once you get your hands on the Cheat Engine you should be able to download and make use of the tables with no problem:

Activate Trainer

Unlimited Health

One-Hit Kills

Unlimited Items/Arrows/Ammo

Unlimited Resources

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Lastly, Horizon Zero Dawn is out now for PC and PS4.