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12 August 2020

Last Days Of Lazarus, Post-Soviet Cosmic Horror Game Headed To PC In 2021

GrimTalin announced that Darkania Works has a new horror game in development called Last Days of Lazarus. It’s basically a one-man project but you wouldn’t think so after you see the trailer.

The game is scheduled to release in 2021 for PC, but there are also plans to port the game to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well.

The story centers around a man who returns home to a post-Soviet Eastern Europe after receiving word that his mother hanged herself. When he finally makes it back to his old village, things have drastically changed.

You can get an idea of what the first-person gameplay and horror elements are like with the announcement trailer below.

As you can see, there are some obvious Lovecraftian elements to the visuals and some truly disturbing creatures from another dimension that have latched onto the surrounding world.

Players will have to explore a town steeped in burdensome politics while navigating the disturbing mystery that lies beneath the startling changes taking place in the area.

The trailer is lavished with lots of religious imagery, not unlike George Remus’ previously released work, Gray Dawn.

Multiple choices and narrative branches in The Last Days of Lazarus means that there’s also elements of replayability.

What amazes me most about the game is that visually it doesn’t look like the work of one person. While big publishers frequently agonize in public over the cost of development, indie developers are simply hunkering down and producing better and better products each every time at just a fraction of the costs of AAA outings.

The worst part about it is that AAA games aren’t even that good, oftentimes lack originality, and usually fail to deliver anything noteworthy or memorable about the experience.

Anyway, you can look for The Last Days of Lazarus to arrive on PC in early 2021. You can wishlist the game right now by visiting the Steam store page, or wait for the home console version to release.

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