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23 August 2020

Let Him Go Trailer Has Kevin Costner In A Tense American Suspense Thriller

Focus Pictures’ upcoming flick, Let Him Go, based on the 2013 suspense novel from author Larry Watson, stars Kevin Costner and Diane Lane in one could end up being one of the best films to come out of 2020.

The movie adaptation was written and directed by Thomas Bezucha, and the first trailer for the film is nearly three minutes long without actually giving away the whole plot.

It centers around two grandparents, played by Costner and Lane, attempting to retrieve their grandson from their daughter-in-law and her new beau. Costner is reluctant to get involved, but Lane recognizes that their grandson is still part of their lineage despite their own son being deceased. This leads the couple into rather dangerous territory when they attempt to confront the family of their daughter-in-law’s abusive new mate.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

For some reason period-piece thrillers are a rarity in movies. I can’t accurately say why that is but I would assume it’s due to budgetary reasons. But then again Hollywood has no problem throwing $100 million on disastrous disaster flicks so maybe it’s just the typical inner-circle of producer-based creative bankruptcy withholding these kind of films rather than anything else?

Regardless, Let Him Go looks like a taut, grounded suspense-thriller set during a period that’s rarely returned to in today’s films; a 20th century Western set during the burgeoning of contemporary times.

What makes the film look so good is that there’s this unpredictable feeling to the slow-burn setup that the trailer depicts, giving viewers the ineludible presence of a foreboding and potentially violent conclusion.

Best of all, there’s no diversity hires present in the trailer. This looks like a true and through classic American film. Those are quite rare these days.

Definitely keep an eye out for Let Him Go when it releases this November.

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