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1492820cookie-checkMick Gordon To Help With Atomic Heart’s Music While New Gameplay Footage Shows Off Boss Fight

Mick Gordon To Help With Atomic Heart’s Music While New Gameplay Footage Shows Off Boss Fight

Mundfish is currently working on the upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter game Atomic Heart, which will debut Across PC and home consoles. Although the forthcoming game is in development, the devs released a new gameplay trailer that features music from Mick Gordon while showcasing the Plyush mini-boss.

Atomic Heart’s latest gameplay video explores the halls of VDNKH, in which detective P-3 attempts to clear out and stop a looming threat that is more flesh and blood than the environment it inhabits.

In the new video, Gordon’s heavy sounds accompany the old and futuristic Soviet architect as the video shows off organic life-like spore bees inhabiting the clean and synthetic halls of VDNKH.

Hopefully, the full version of the game fixes the frame-rate and stuttering issues that pop up from time to time, but besides that and the fact that the person playing did not use the Gauss rifle, you can be the judge by watching the newly posted seven-minute-long video right here:

“Here’s the 4K gameplay trailer showcasing the stunning halls of VDNKH and the melee combat with Plyush mini-boss (Featuring Mick Gordon).”

Whether or not you are a fan of first-person melee combat, know that it will play a big part in Atomic Heart since ammo for weapons will be somewhat scarce. In other words, conserving and scavaging for ammo will be a thing in this game.

Moreover, the glove with wired tentacles coming out of it is an “implant glove” that possesses telekinetic powers. The player can push and pull things, and solve puzzles with it, as well as heal any inflicted damage by using medical capsules.

Lastly, Atomic Heart will feature a crafting system, Easter Eggs, and possibly multiple endings. The game itself will debut across PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X sometime in the foreseeable future.

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