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1495110cookie-checkShall I sell my mobile phone before Christmas for more cash
24 November 2020

Shall I sell my mobile phone before Christmas for more cash

As our partners from Rapidphonebuyer is saying, the festive season of Christmas approaches, there will be several offers put up on mobile phones of all kinds. You can expect a considerable discount on handsets of brands like Apple, Samsung, and others. What this also means is the resale value of older models will decline further. It thus makes sense to get rid of your old phone as early as possible to get maximum cash.

What is the best time to sell my mobile phone

Wondering what is the best time to sell my mobile phone? The selling price of a handset begins declining two weeks after its release in the market. It is the case with every brand; only some will lose value less significant than others. As soon as a mobile phone gets unboxed, its value decreases. Also, when a brand releases a new handset in the market, the price of the older ones declines further. 

For example, when iPhone 12 got launched in the market recently, the prices of iPhone 11 and iPhone 10 had a decline in their selling value. The best time to sell any old handset is always today. Prices of old handsets continue declining all the time, so it makes sense to get rid of them as early as possible if you want to get a good resale value.

Why sell old mobile phones before festive season

The sales of electronic items like mobile phones increase by much during the festive season as people want a new one for themselves or to gift someone. It leads to an increase in offers from retailers as they slash the selling prices. This also leads to a decline in the resale value of older handsets. If you are expecting a better resale value for your mobile, get rid of it before discount offers get put up everywhere.

How to sell my mobile phone for maximum cash?

It is crucial to do thorough research on the best prices when you are trying to sell your old mobile phone. Also, when you are listing the device, make sure you remain genuine about the condition of your device. There will be a reduction of the offered price or cancellation of the deal is discrepancies get found later. Watch out for cracked screens or back glass and any other damage. When you are finally up for selling, give a nice wipe to the handset to clear all the dirt and grime on it.

The next step is to click some good photographs from multiple angles that will help the buyer make an instant decision. If you have a locked device, it will affect the resale value as it is an undesirable aspect. If you are considering unlocking the device, think again if it is worth the effort involved. The difference of offered price between locked and unlocked handset must be significant for you to put in the effort.

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