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1495020cookie-checkWill Cyberpunk 2077 Be Delayed Again?

Will Cyberpunk 2077 Be Delayed Again?

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard the latest rumors from Reset Era and Twitter that Cyberpunk 2077 will not be launching in 2020, but instead will have its launch date pushed back into 2021. For those eager to get their hands on what will likely be a defining experience in their life for good or ill, this news is devastating, unpleasant, and probably false.

To understand the latest rumors, one has to understand that a segment of the media and those affiliated with them on Reset Era want the game to fail. This isn’t to say they intentionally created a false rumor, but it is important to understand they have demonstrated a predisposition to believe whatever negative information they hear about the game regardless of its validity.

For example, one of the underlying supports for this rumor was the prior “leak” the game was not in a playable state and would require months of further development. The problem with that supposed leak is that it was entirely false. CDPR, during an investor call stated the cause of the delay was not the overall quality of the game, but instead that they were struggling to get the game to work on current-gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One). Series X/S and PS5, along with the game’s PC build, were completely functional and ready for launch.

When investors inquired whether they would do a staggered release, the company refused the notion entirely. Stating everyone would get Cyberpunk 2077 on the same day. The second underpinning of the leak we’ll get into momentarily comes from the same investor call that corrected the previous “leak.”

During the call, Adam Kiciński stated, “We feel – maybe not comfortable [chuckle], but confident and will are releasing on the 10th.” Giving the impression the 10th was a hopeful goal. In reality, the full quote paints a different picture.

“AK: We feel firm. As I said, the game is releasable on the 19th and having those 3 more weeks just gives us more changes to fix this and that – so we feel secure. Of course the decision was not easy, but we also know that the release only happens once. The first impression is crucial, and in the long run  having a few things done which wouldn’t have been done in time for the 19th will work in our favor. We feel – maybe not comfortable [chuckle], but confident and will are releasing on the 10th.”

Further reading of the interview reveals AK uses the term “feel” at different points as a synonym for “strong belief” rather than hopeful optimism. During the same conference, AK stated emphatically they didn’t need to delay the game, but they chose to do so to improve the performance on the current generation consoles.

“As I’ve said – we don’t have to, but we believe that having this extra time gives us a better assurance that everything is as it should be with the game which is coming on the 10th.”

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So, where did this rumor get started? Well, a tweet and rumor mongers on Reset Era claimed they heard from inside sources that the game would require another delay. These are the same source that claim CDPR has the Illuminati like power to defy polish labor laws, so immediately they can be disregarded.

Following these statements’ surfacing, CDPR began taking down their banner and material that talked about the release date. For many, this confirmed the rumors, but a short while later CDPR had a new banner up with the December 10th date.

In response to IGN v, CDPR provided further clarification on the issue, stating, “As a rule, we don’t comment on rumors or speculation. But I will confirm we were just taking time to update all of our assets to reflect the new launch date of December 10th.”

Given the history of delays, it would have been prudent for them to have posted an announcement detailing the updating of assets. Still, it is equally hard to imagine such an action would throw fuel on baseless rumors.

To answer the question posed by the title, the game is highly unlikely to see another delay. I say that solely because I have weathered delay after delay and will only believe the game has come out when it is in my console and I’ve confirmed consciousness long enough for the experience to not have been a dream. For the rest of you, you can expect the game out on December 10th 2020.


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