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Fallen Player to Be Immortalized In Cyberpunk Red

Tomorrow brings the eight-year-long wait to its conclusion. Some will walk the Corpo path of money and politics. Ruthlessly pursuing their way to the top of the world. Others will enter Night City for the first time, hailing from the outlands, and represent their nomadic people as they seek to make a name for themselves in the foreign city. Some were born in the city and grew up learning the ways of the street. Their time finally at hand.
Sadly, many of our fellow gamers did not make it to this momentous occasion. Their life cut short before they could ever see the splendor they so long dreamed of. Johnny Eastham was one such gamer. On the morning of November, 27th his father, another life long gamer, got the call every parent dreads. In hysterics, Johnny’s fiancé broke the news that Johnny had suffered a cardiac aneurism that instantly killed him.

His father and him had spent many hours discussing what they were going to do in the game. What paths they’d walk and looked forward to sharing how their decisions changed the shape and course of their world. In an instant, that dream they had shared was gone, and so he took to the Cyberpunk community to share with them his grief and to tell of his son’s passion for the game.

It is unknown whether CDPR has taken notice of what has happened to Johnny, but the creator of the series has. In response to the post, he let the grieving father know that his son would be immortalized as one of the pack. Forever riding the road with the Aldecaldo Family.



In a later update, Johnny’s father thanked everyone for the outpouring of support and sympathy they received.

I just wanted every last one of you to know how much the outpouring of love and friendship from this community means to all of us. My wife and I went through together and read every comment on my previous threads along with the #PlayForJohnny hashtag on Twitter. We laughed. We cried. We felt the love and the heartbreak of others and their stories.

The hole left in our hearts with the loss of our amazing son will never heal. It will always hurt. However, the love and friendship and understanding of you folks made what is an unimaginable tragedy at least something to give us hope that we can get through the next days, weeks, and years without Johnny by our sides.

He will forever live on in our hearts and thanks to this amazing community, in the hearts of hundreds more.

Thank you Cyberpunk 2077 fans. You mean the world to us.


It is ultimately tragic when a fellow gamer dies. Still, the outpouring of support and sympathies from people who never met the fallen, who might not have even gotten along with them, but feel as if the world is a worse place without them, is an example of what real community is about. Rest in Peace Johnny, may you respawn in a better server.

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