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A Quick Guide to OSRS Fremennik Trials

All the essentials you need to know to complete the quest

A plethora of useful things awaits as rewards for those who brave the Old School Runescape Fremennik Trials. After completing this quest, new locations and equipment become accessible. Also, it allows you to complete a handful of other quests. That’s not even mentioning all the experience you get for several skills. Budget your OSRS gold for this quest.

The Requirements


  • 25 Fletching
  • 40 Woodcutting
  • 40 Crafting
  • As an alternative for the above, enough combat levels to defeat Lanzig multiple times for a lyre
  • Enough combat levels to defeat a level 69 NPC
  • Unarmed combat skills (no spells, weapons, or armor)
  • 48 Agility


  • 5,252 OSRS Gold Coins
  • 1 Beer (you can get one during the quest)
  • 1 Raw Shark, Raw Manta Ray, or Raw Sea Turtle (bring as many as the lyres you’re planning to make/charge)
  • Tinderbox
  • For making the lyre: 
    • Woodcutting Axe (Blessed Axe won’t work)
    • Knife
    • Potato
    • Onion
    • Cabbage
  • Armor and a non-Ranged weapon
  • Prayer Potions
  • Stamina Potions
  • Food
  • Super Combat Potion or Super Set
  • 7 Ring of Recoil


  • Camelot Teleport
  • Rellekka Teleport or Teleport to House (if house is in Rellekka)

The Steps:

Speak to Brundt the Chieftain, located north of the entrance of Rellekka. You’ll have to earn the vote of 7 council members to be considered part of the clan.

The 7 you need to impress are:

  • Manni the Reveller
  • Olaf the Bard
  • Sigli the Huntsman
  • Sigmund the Merchant
  • Swensen the Navigator
  • Thorvald the Warrior
  • Peer the Seer

You can do them in any order, but we recommend you do Peer’s last.

Manni the Reveller

You can find Manni, as suggested by his title, reveling in the longhall right next to the chieftain. Impress him by beating him in a drinking challenge. Start the challenge by taking the keg of beer and a tankard off of the bar inside. Since you can’t beat him fairly (you’ll lose no matter what), you’ll have to trick him into being impressed.

Go back to the Seer’s village and buy a Low Alcohol Keg from a Poison Salesman. Also, buy a beer if you didn’t grab the tankard during your first challenge. Give the beer or tankard to the Council workman at the end of the bridge to Rellekka. He gives you a cherry bomb. Light and plant it on the outside of the building, in a pipe on the east side of it.

Back inside the bar, grab another keg of beer and use the Low Alcohol Keg on the one inside your inventory. The cherry bomb explodes, distracting Manni and letting you switch the kegs. Talk to him again once you’ve done so. Drink the keg of low alcohol, and he’ll give you his vote afterward.

Olaf the Bard

You can find him just outside the bar, near where you planted the cherry bomb. He’ll ask you to perform at the longhall, but you need a lyre. You can get one in two ways.


You need to grab a potato, cabbage, and onion from the vegetable patch in the town. Then go to the east from the gates, where Swaying Trees move with the wind. Cut a branch off it, and use the knife on the branch.

After that, you need a string. Southeast of where you found the tree, you’ll find some golden sheep and a golden tree. Lalli the troll watches over the flock nearby. If you ask him for the wool, he’ll say he gave it to another human.

Find the other human, Askeladden, near the entrance of the longhall in Rellekka. He gives you a pet rock to fool Lalli with. The troll won’t like the pet rock, so offer to turn it into soup instead. Use the potato, cabbage, and onion you picked, as well as the rock, on the stew outside his home. After enjoying the stew, he’ll give you the fleece. (If you want more fleece, use the drop trick to get more, else pay 1k OSRS gold buying it afterward.)

You have to spin it, so go back to Seer’s Village to do so. Use the ball of wool on the lyre.


Lanzig, Borrokar, Lensa, or Freidir may drop the lyre when defeated. However, Lanzig is the easiest with the highest drop rate. He’s the only one among those enemies with safe spot strategies and respawns in 18 seconds.

Once you’ve got your lyre, you have to have it enchanted. With a Raw Shark, Manta Ray, or Sea Turtle, go to the Strange Altar southwest of Rellekka. Fossegrimen appears to enchant your lyre. Go back to Olaf, perform in the longhall, and talk to the bard again to get your vote.

Sigli the Huntsman

He asks you to find and defeat the Draugen, which roams around the area. He gives you a talisman you can use to locate it. You might also notice a butterfly that follows it around which is another indicator for its location. Whether you tried to track it down or camped on a spot, it will appear, and you have to fight.

Be warned that it is particularly resistant to ranged attacks, so a polearm is recommended to keep it away. Upon its defeat, the talisman absorbs its essence. Go back to Sigli to get his vote.

Sigmun the Merchant

All he asks for is an Exotic Flower. To get the flower, talk to these people who will then ask you to do a favor for them first.

  • A Sailor on the second pier from the left will give you the flower if you give him a romantic ballad
  • Olaf will compose the ballad if you give him a pair of new boots
  • Yrsa in the clothing store (start of Agility course) will make the boots if Brundt lowers the taxes
  • Brundt will do so if Sigli gives him a map of recommended monster-hunting spots
  • Sigli wants a custom-made bowstring firs
  • Skulgrimen in the helmet store (north of the longhall) can give you a bowstring if you give him the rare fish the fisherman caught
  • A fisherman on the northern end of the dock west of the helmet shop (near Torfinn) wants a map of the best fishing spots for the fish
  • Swensen, found south of the marketplace, can give it to you but wants a weather forecast
  • Peer, northwest of Swensen, can give a forecast if you get Thorvald to agree to be his bodyguard
  • Thorvald (in the helmet shop) will only agree if you get him a seat in the longhall.
  • Manni will give up his seat if Thora makes him a cocktail
  • Thora asks for a signed note from Askeladden
  • Askeladden gives you the note for 5000 OSRS gold

After getting the note, it’s just a matter of going back up the list with the OSRS items/favors they wanted. You end up back with Sigmun with the flower, and he’ll give you his vote.

Swensen the Navigator

His trial makes you navigate through a maze of portals. Taking the wrong one will put you back in square one, so don’t make a mistake. Enter the maze through a ladder in the southwest of his house. The trick is in his name. Take the South, West, East, North, South, East, and then North portals in order. Make sure your minimap is aligned correctly. Get out of the maze and earn his vote.

Thorvald the Warrior

He will pit you against a foe that gets stronger every time you defeat it. Beat it at least three times to get his vote. The catch is that you can’t wear any weapons and armor or use runes to do so. 

There’s an option to bank everything you have before the fight. If you want to keep some stuff, drop them first before talking to Peer. You can bring food, potions, Prayer, God Books, and some accessories to the basement, so keep what you can to increase your odds. We recommend bringing along Rings of Recoil or the Ring of Suffering (ri) as well as H.A.M gear for this fight.

Stock up on your supplies and head down to the basement. Koschei won’t appear immediately, so just wait a bit. His first form isn’t much of a problem. You might have some trouble with the second. The third form is troublesome if you don’t manage your Prayer points. His fourth form is the most difficult one.

Don’t quit after defeating the third form. That resets your progress, making you do the whole thing again. Lose in the fourth round and you can get a rematch later. At any rate, beating Koschei three times is enough to earn you Thorvald’s vote.

Peer the Seer

Peer wants you to enter his front door and exit at the back door. It would be simple if his house isn’t filled with puzzles and riddles to solve. He asks you to deposit everything you have as well. Doing this trial last will save you from running to and from the bank.

To enter his house you need to answer a riddle. He gives a clue for each letter and the word itself. The answers can be time, mind, life, wind, fire, mage, or tree. Inside the house, find an Old Red Disk, a Wooden Disk, a Red Herring, an Empty Jug, and an Empty Bucket.

You need four liters of water to open the chest. To get this exact number, fill the bucket. Pour the water in the jug, then drain the jug. Pour the remaining water in the bucket into the jug. Fill the bucket again, and pour some water into the jug. There are now four liters of water in the bucket.

Now that you have the vase, you need its lid. Cook the herring on the range, and use the remaining goop on the wooden disk. The two red disks fit into the mural down the east ladder. Place the disks to receive the vase lid.

Fill the vase with the water in the jug, and put the lid in. Use the sealed vase on the frozen table up the ladder. Thaw the resulting key in the cooking range. Go down the east ladder nearest to the frozen table, else risk repeating a few steps. Use the key on the door and get Peer’s vote.

Return to the chieftain to complete the quest.

The Rewards

You get:

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 2,812 XP in the following skills
    • Agility
    • Attack
    • Crafting
    • Defense
    • Fishing
    • Fletching
    • Hitpoints
    • Strength
    • Thieving
    • Woodcutting
  • Access to Miscellania, Etceteria, Neitiznot, Jatizso, and other facilities in Rellekka
  • The ability to wear Fremennik helms 
  • The Fremennik Achievement Diaries
  • Fossegrimen’s Lyre Enchantment service
  • Free travel to Waterbirth Island

Additional Notes

Lyres are not tradeable, so you cannot make OSRS gold selling them. You may make multiples for alt characters. The enchanted version of the OSRS item can teleport you to places as long as it has charge, so it’s very useful. With the right amount of raw fish, Fossegrimen will imbue the lyre, giving it infinite charge. 

You might want to buy OSRS gold for this, as the costs can reach up to 2.9 million gold. If you can wait to do the elite OSRS Fremennik Diary challenges, this can go down to 592k gold, which is way more affordable.

If you forgot to bring food or ran out, you can start Peer’s trial and cook the herring you can find in his house. Drop the goop and don’t use it on the disk, else you won’t get any more herring.

That’s it for this guide on the OSRS Fremennik Trials. Enjoy the rewards!

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