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13 April 2021

Gwen: League of Legends’ Newest Champion

Gwen, LoL’s new AP duellist, will soon be making her way to the rift to slice up her opponents. Wielding a pair of gigantic scissors, Gwen’s kit is centred around weaving attacks between abilities to maximise damage output. Tanks beware, Gwen is especially powerful against beefy targets.

Here is an introduction to Gwen build

Passive: Gwen’s basic attacks and some of her abilities deal bonus magic damage equal to a percentage of the target’s HP. Basic attacks also heals Gwen and deal bonus damage to minions that are below 40% HP. These boons will help you survive through laning phase and scale into lategame.

Q: Snip Snip, Gwen’s Q is split into a passive and an ability. Gwen’s basic attacks grant her a stack of Snippy for 6 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. When activated, Gwen snips twice in a cone in a target direction. However, with each stack of Snippy, Gwen will cut once more, up to a maximum of 6 times in quick succession. Players caught in the centre will take true damage as well as apply the effect of her passive. This is an excellent duelling tool, and with its low cooldown, it could be used several times in a trade.

W: Gwen’s W, Hallowed Mist, is her main defensive ability. Creating a mist around her, enemies outside the mist are unable to target her for attacks, while those inside can. This makes her especially powerful against ranged enemies. The mist will drag to her location if Gwen tries to leave the area or when she recasts it. This can only happen once, though, so position carefully.

E: Gwen’s main mobility tool, Skip ‘n Slash is a dash towards the target direction. After she dashes, she will gain bonus attack speed and range, as well as bonus magic damage on hit. This will also reset her basic attack timer, meaning that it can be used for an extra bit of burst. Auto attacking after using Skip ‘n Slash will refund 50% of the abilities cooldown.

R: Needlework, Gwen’s ultimate ability, can be cast three times in succession, each cast stronger than the last. The first cast fires a single needle in the target direction; the second, three; and the third, five, for nine needles total. However, to unlock the second and third cast, Gwen will need to hit a basic attack or a Q for each recast.

At first glance, Gwen comes off as a tank melter that scales well into the late game, with some lane sustain to help her for the troubling first few levels. She brings some magic damage to the table to even out an AD heavy comp. Along with finding strength in a solo lane, Gwen players may also find success in the jungle.

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