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World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic: Top 10 Quest Rewards to Set Your Eyes on

Let’s face it, anyone who has played World of Warcraft knows that it’s no walk in the park. The game has a huge player base and a highly competitive one at that. Everyone wants to be the best, and we know that you’re no slouch either!

That is exactly why our team of veteran WOW gamers at have come up with a list of the top 10 quest rewards in World of Warcraft The burning crusade classic that you need to snag immediately to give yourself the upper hand! Are you ready to “git gud”? Then let’s hop right in!

10. Marks of Thrallmar / Marks of Honor Hold

In Hellfire Peninsula, there exists a daily quest called Hellfire Fortifications, which has you capture each of the strategic locations surrounding Hellfire Citadel.

After completing the quest, you either receive Marks of Thrallmar or Marks of Honor Hold which can be used to buy Favors! What is the use of Favors, you ask?

Favors increase your reputation gain by 25% and experience gain by 5% when killing monsters in Hellfire Peninsula and Hellfire Citadel.

These will prove to be MASSIVE boosts if you plan on cleaving through dungeons, and will definitely speed up the process for you to get those elusive Heroics!

9. Barrel of Fish / Crate of Meat

From an NPC named ‘The Rokk’ (no, not Dwayne Johnson), you can accept 1 of 4 cooking quests, which will reward you with either Barrel of Fish or Crate of Meat.

What you need to set your eyes on are the 6 recipes found in the rewards that provide you will valuable buffs such as increased hit rating, critical strike chance, increasing resistance, and so forth.

Do not miss out on this fun quest which will help you greatly in dungeons!

8. Blessing of Achindoun

After accepting the Spirit of Achindoun quest in Terokkar Forest, you are tasked with capturing 1 of the 5 towers surrounding the Ruins of Achindoun.

However, if one faction captures all 5 towers, they will receive the Blessing of Achindoun, a zone-wide 6 hour buff that increases experience gain and damage by 5%!

Not only that, it also allows you to capture Spirit Shards, a type of currency that can be obtained after beating the bosses in Ruins of Achindoun ONLY when the buff is active. enabling you to buy amazing gear, notably the Seal of the Exorcist. Need we say more?

7. Ogre Slayer’s Cove

After accepting and completing the quest: Cho’War the Pillager, in the zone of Nagrand, you have the chance of obtaining some tempting rewards, but the one we are looking for is the Ogre Slayer’s Cover.

This reward goes out to all my Elemental Shamans and Balanced Druids out there, since spell crit rate is one of the buffs of the item, and the two mentioned character classes absolute love boosted spell crit!

6. Bag of Fishing Treasures

Once you visit the NPC known as ‘Old Man Barlow’, he will let you choose from 1 of 5 fishing quests, which reward you with the Bag of Fishing Treasures.

These bags can contain various different useful but rather common items. They can also, however, contain rare grabs such as Eye of the Sea, which is the biggest stamina gem, giving you +15 in stamina.

Captain Rumsey’s Lager, Spun Truesilver Fishing Line, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat are all other rare items you can receive from the Bag of Fishing Treasures that you need to look out for!

5. Halaa NPC’s

This next quest reward isn’t technically a ‘quest’ reward, but we decided it was too good to not mention anyways.

Halaa is a capturable town that provides a zone-wide 5% damage buff and access to its NPC’s once you have more players in the town than the opposing faction.

The actual jackpot lies with the NPC’s which is the Design to cut a  Mystic Dawnstone, a yellow gem that gives +8 resilience, which can be bought with gold once you control Halaa.

PvPers will be going crazy for Mystic Dawnstones to slap them onto every single slot in their gear to get their resilience rating as high as possible! If you have 100 Halaa battle tokens, you can purchase a Sublime Mystic Dawnstone that gives +10 to resilience! Can you hear the money pouring in already?

4. Easy Gold and Honor Points

There exist daily battleground quests that task you with winning the battleground of the day. Once you win, you need to head back to the quest giver. Then what, you ask?

That’s about it! Turn in your points for some easy and low-effort gold and honor points. There’s no reason not to do these daily battleground quests as the work involved is practically nothing!

We do understand that acquiring enough TBC classic gold is not easy. This is exactly why we at SSEGold provide you with cheap wow TBC classic gold that you can buy at affordable rates! We would be happy to help you in your endeavors, don’t hesitate to reach out!

3. Helm of the Claw

In Zangarmarsh, after completing The Warlord’s Hideout quest, you will be offered 4 rewards. You don’t really want to bother with any of them except for the elusive Helm of the Claw!

If you happen to be a Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, or DPS warrior, you cannot afford to miss out on this reward. This helm has a juicy combination of attack power, hit rating, and agility while also possessing that meta socket!

2. Dungeon Daily Rewards

Every day in The Burning Crusade Classic you will be able to complete one daily dungeon quest and one heroic dungeon quest.

Completing a normal dungeon quest rewards you with gold, reputation, and an Etherium prison key. These keys send you will send you on a quest chain that will ultimately let you summon a faction-specific NPC that will give you a whopping 500 reputation with their faction!

Completing a heroic dungeon quest will reward you with even more gold, reputation, and 2 badges of justice. Again, completing dailies should be a regular ordeal with a World of Warcraft: TBC Classic player, so no reason to miss these valuable rewards!

1. Illidari Rod of Discipline

In the haunting zone of Shadow moon Valley, once you’ve gotten done with the quest: The Soul Cannon of Reth’Hedron, you are able to receive the Illidari Rod of Discipline as your reward.

Casters, don’t underestimate this rod at first glance; especially if you happen to be a Shadow Priest! Yeah, this wand only has 13 spell power, but it also has the much desired blue socket with an added socket bonus of +2 to spell damage.

If you have a gem big enough, you can boost the spell power of this wand to +25! Casters like the Shadow Priest benefit more from raw power rather than something like boosted crit rate, so do not sleep on this beauty!

Before we wrap up this list of quest rewards, we have an Honorable mention: SSEGold.

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And there you have it, our list of the Top 10 Quest Rewards in WOW TBC Classic to Set Your Eyes on. Enjoyed our content? Browse our website for more such articles!

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