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3 Ways To Use Custom Star Wars Lightsaber

Star Wars will always be one of the greatest movie franchises of all time. It might’ve been more than 40 years ago since its very first original film came out, but it’s undeniably one of the movie franchises with the greatest number of followers and avid fans. 

Star Wars fans express their fandom through cosplay costumes, marathoning the movies over and over, and even podcasting about their favorite characters. For these fans, Star Wars goes beyond book pages and movie screens. They easily identify with the franchise through collectibles, memorabilia, and distinctive accessories such as the lightsaber.

The Lightsaber

Perhaps one of the most popular accessories that fans own to express their love for the franchise is the lightsaber. If you’re a true Star Wars fanatic, you’ll know how much power the lightsaber holds. Also called the ‘laser sword,’ the lightsaber is a weapon that became very popular because of those who used it in the franchise—the Sith, the Jedi, and other force wielders or force-sensitives. 

What makes a lightsaber different from all the other fictional swords or weapons? When you see a lightsaber, even when you’re not a total Star Wars geek, you’ll immediately know that it’s from Star Wars. That’s how popular it is that it actually became a household name in the world of fiction and movie franchises.

Customising Your Lightsaber

If you’re a fan, you surely have several lightsabers in your collection from shops like Galaxy Sabers. But, did you know that you can also customize your laser sword? There are several components and parts that you can alter, modify, and customize according to your preference. Some of these components are;

  • Blade colour: You can choose from a variety of colours for the blade, including green, blue, orange, purple, indigo, magenta, yellow, and cyan.
  • Switch: This is the part of the weapon that you press so that the blade will emit light.
  • Light emitter: The part of the lightsaber where the light comes from.
  • Sleeve or hilt: Where the Jedi or the user holds the weapon.

To build your own lightsaber or customize one of those you own, you can get these components from companies and online stores that make lightsabers. 

Ways To Use A Custom Lightsaber

Having a lightsaber says enough when you’re a Star Wars fan. But then, customizing it to turn it into something more unique is another way of expressing your love for the weapon on a different level. 

Customizing the lightsaber doesn’t really improve its gameplay value, but there are still several ways that you can use it satisfactorily, such as the following:

1. Express Your Attachment To The Series

A true Star Wars fan feels a strong attachment to the series and everything about it—especially the lightsaber. Other fans may be contented with the regular laser sword but not you because you want to have your own individualistic stamp on every Star Wars merchandise that you own.

2. Upgrade Your Cosplay

Being a true Star Wars fan means you surely have experiences dressing up as a Jedi or someone else from the series. Cosplaying can either be a fun hobby or a somewhat eccentric career for some. With a custom lightsaber, you’ll surely be the envy of other Star Wars fans who are cosplaying the same character as yours.

You can’t possibly dress up as a Star Wars character without the most important accessory which is the lightsaber. Having a customized weapon won’t only make you feel proud of yourself, you can even win a prize whenever you join a cosplay contest or convention.

3. Decorate Your Home More Uniquely

Imagine if you have several custom lightsabers in different colors—that would definitely look beautiful as your wall decoration. Guests will surely love the character that the lightsabers can add to the place. You can hang them in your room or the living area, whichever you prefer.

If you want to achieve an epic space opera ambiance, you may add more décor from your Star Wars collection like some artwork, props, and even old costumes that you no longer use.


For a true Star Wars fan, nothing’s too much when it comes to expressing their love for the franchise. Whether you’ve been supporting them since their first film, or you’ve just acquired a certain Star Wars affection, you’ll certainly agree that a lightsaber completes the whole package.

You’re not alone, that’s for sure. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who love Star Wars just as much as you do. For sure, rewatching the Star Wars movies for the nth time isn’t enough—so go ahead and make a plan on how you’ll be customizing your lightsaber at home. Only then can you truly call yourself a true-blooded Star Wars fan.

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