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28 May 2021

WoW Classic: TBC – The Race to 70 (Caster)

So, you’ve found yourself in a group ready to spam dungeons the instance the Dark Portal opens, but there is a question on your mind – how do I prepare for the dungeon grinding just a few days ahead of me? For WoW, the is an instance cap, meaning that you can only enter five different instances in an hour, and most power-levelling groups will seek to use this figure as a sort of benchmark. To maximise the speed of your XP gain, you will be aiming to complete your instance reset it every 12 minutes.

To match this speed, having good gear should already be a given – because the less downtime and faster clear speed of pulls should be a priority. Along with this:

  • Good food and drink – Alterac Manna Biscuits is especially good as it regenerates both HP and MP. In addition, you can purchase level 60 water from Mudsprocket (south of Dustwallow Marsh) or from the Caverns of Time (east of Tanaris).
  • Flask of Supreme Power – Lasts for two hours and gives a considerable boost to your spell power. They only cost roughly 50 gold from the auction house right now.
  • Brilliant Wizard Oil – More dps = faster clear time.
  • Major Mana Potions – The less downtime you have will of course mean the faster you will clear. If you are playing a mage or a healer, these are crucial.
  • Heavy Runecloth Bandages – A given.

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