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15 July 2021
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Steamdolls To Feature Cute Socialist Lady

Steamdolls is an upcoming steampunk meets cyberpunk dark metroidvania featuring David Hayter as the deadly protaganist The Whisper. Jennifer Hale voices his nemesis, a strong woman who we will devote talked about yesterday. But today will be about one of the first confirmed NPC’s.


I want you to read this article from the founder and former writer of this site. This site uses to be a terrible website until new management took over and got rid of the racism. Read it in full. The person who wrote it was a racist loser who hated Black Lives Matter and who would humiliate himself on the internet with bad takes. He is gone from the site now, but you can see Steamdolls was a game he was interested in. Notice how he says that he hopes there is no left wing politics in the game? Well, Billy boy, there are!


First of all, Steamdolls is explicitly anti-capitalist. The government that you are fighting as The Whisper is a government that worships capitalism. They have destroyed nature and they believe in no religion. However, I helped the game to be even more left-wing. You see, as a Kickstarter backer who pledged high enough to insert a character into the game, I created Belinda.


I wonder what Billy would think of a fit blue haired leftist woman in the game he was looking forward to? Just kidding, I know what he’d think!

Belinda is the cute socialist woman in pajamas pictured above. She is my original character and she is 20 years old. An idealistic young woman, she is part of a socialite socialist club who are fighting to make the world a better place. As a socialist, she and her young friends have to work undercover in order to avoid being attacked or arrested by the capitalistic forces ruling this world. Belinda is actually wealthy and the daughter of wealthy parents, so she is able to keep her politics a secret from the government. Unlike the Whisper, she is not an anarchist and she does not hate humanity. In fact, she is compassionate. Her hatred is directed towards villains, like the capitalists exploiting the poor and destroying nature. While some may call her a privileged white girl (and she is) this doesn’t change the fact that she cares about those less fortunate than her and wants to do something about it.


It’s actually pretty realistic that the leftist woman is fit. In real life, leftists are way more likely to shop at WholeFoods and seek out organic food, while limiting sugar intakes and working out. In more progressive areas, smoking is banned and leftists have made a push to regulate sweets in New York – while in Great Britain, candy is heavily regulated. Have you noticed how in all those Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protests last summer, many of the women were wearing tank tops because of the heat, and you could see how healthy they were? While conservative Trump supporters can just barely lumber around and today they’re ranting about how no one is taking away their burgers and soda? Yep. Billy actually criticized the brave leftist women opposing Trump btw. Of course, they got the last laugh, and now I am the main OAG writer and am striking blows on Billy even more with Belinda, which is just what he deserves. Take that, Billy! (Though that’s not the only reason I put Belinda in, I think she’s a good character to have.)


Backing games on Kickstarter is fun. Readers are already familiar with Marcilla, my half-goblin girl who will appear in my upcoming book as the main character and who will be appearing in a number of upcoming video games where goblins were originally just enemies. Marcilla’s inclusion as a good goblin girl in those games is a blow against the attitude that certain races in fantasy should always be bad. Similarly, Belinda’s inclusion in Steamdolls as a sweet socialist girl is just epic and I can’t wait to see the reception she gets!

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