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1593696cookie-checkStranger Things 3 the Game Reminds us How Cool Games Based on Movies can be
2 July 2021

Stranger Things 3 the Game Reminds us How Cool Games Based on Movies can be

I only recently started playing Stranger Things 3 The Game, but I’m already loving it. It brings back fond memories. Usually when people say that about Stranger Things, they’re referring to memories of the 80’s, but I’m not referring to that this time. I’m referring to the early 2000’s to the mid 2000’s, back when I first became a gamer.

Around this time, almost every mainstream action or family fantasy film would get a video game adaptation based directly on that film. All the Harry Potter films had at least one (the early ones had four or five), as did each LOTR film, Narnia, and James Bond. Even smaller budget fantasy films like Spiderwick and A Series of Unfortunate Events (the film, not the recent Netfilx version) had them, as did failed adaptations like The Golden Compass and Eragon.

While many hardcore gamers derided these game adaptations as being of poor quality, I very much enjoyed playing the in game adaptations for films I was interested in seeing – it made a fantasy movie’s release feel even more exciting.

Eventually, this all went away. None of The Hobbit films got tie in video games (while the original trilogy did) and neither did Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and not even the new Star Wars films have tie in games. There are of course new HP and Star Wars games coming out, but they’re not tie in adaptations.

But playing Stranger Things 3 The Game is just like how it felt to play those old tie in games. I hope there is a Stranger Things 4 game. What a shame there won’t be a Ghostbusters game based on the 2021 movie!

P.S. There is a hilarious dig at Donald Trump in the game where you go to talk to the evil mayor, and his pretty receptionist lady says “He’s busy making Hawkins amazing again!” Like Trump, the mayor is an evil thug who colluded with the Russians. Don’t take your anger out on the receptionist though, she’s just doing her job. I thanked her for her answer and left the building, off to continue exploring, very much amused by this little anecdote.

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