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1596086cookie-checkTesla INVENTORIUM is a Steampunk Environmentalist Epic Platformer

Tesla INVENTORIUM is a Steampunk Environmentalist Epic Platformer

If you hop on over to Kickstarter, you’ll find next to Crowsworn (which we covered yesterday) another promising game that has already achieved its funding goal, but that you can help it reach its stretch goals. That game is Tesla INVENTORIUM


It’s a new age, hybrid adventure game that combines platformer and cinematic puzzle solving games.  There  are two main characters – Inventor Nikola Tesla who will solve puzzles in the real world, and little Automaton who will search for the lost Inventions in a world of inventor’s dream called INVENTORIUM. 

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Tesla INVENTORIUM game is inspired by some of classic point and click games, but you will have full control of characters in our game, and it will be more dynamic especially when you play with Automaton.  You will find there elements of Machinarium, Ori and the blind forest, Broken Age and many other games that we love. 

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It is a game about Tesla’s Inventions but also about his “nature caring” philosophy, and  although it has many fantasy elements the story is based on historical facts. To support the story, the art style of the game is a combination of traditional hand paintings and new 3d technologies.

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