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25 August 2021

EOS RED is Good? Mobile Game Full Review

EOS RED is a mobile MMORPG that was recently released, precisely on May 31, 2021. The game released by BluePotion Games offers a classic MMORPG taste.

Naturally, because, this game is actually an old game that was first released on the South Korean server in 2019. Only in 2021, the game will be released for Southeast Asia (SEA) servers.

At first, glance, looking back, there are actually a lot of mobile MMORPG games that have sprung up. The emergence of mobile MMORPGs brings hope that new innovative gameplay is actually very interesting, such as Ragnarok X: New Generation or Sword Art Online Black Swordman: Ace which has been released on the Chinese server.

As a result, it is not surprising that our expectations as consumers are very large for the development of mobile MMORPGs today. However, what about the newly released EOS RED on the SEA server? Will the game become one of the mobile MMORPGs that should be played?

To find out the answer, please refer to our signature review for the following EOS RED, yes!


Boring Auto Gameplay

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EOS RED carries a classic game system that reminds you of the game Lineage II: Revolution. Player characters will be equipped with a series of skills (which are difficult to obtain), potions, and a row of buff items that are quite useful for increasing the character’s Combat-Power (CP).

In the game, players are equipped with various automatic features, from auto-combat, auto-quest, to auto-pathing. This series of automatic features make EOS RED a very monotonous mobile MMORPG game. Players will only press the quest and auto buttons during the game.

Then, players will watch the fight or read less attractive stories. If you are planning to look for a mobile MMORPG game with interesting gameplay and looks fresh, this game is not the right choice.

Old Fashioned Features

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In terms of features, the EOS RED doesn’t have many interesting features. The array of features is fairly standard—it can be found in dozens of other mobile MMORPG game titles. The game features offered include dungeons and dungeon bosses only for PvE mode.

This game also features Territory War and PK for PvP mode. This series of features is fairly minimal for a Mobile MMORPG that was released this year.

In developing the character, players will be given a simple status allocation which is divided into STR, VIT, INT, DEX, and WIS. In addition to the status allocation feature, EOS RED also provides a skill feature where each new skill can be learned using a skill book. The skill book item is very difficult to obtain.

Players are forced to grind for days in the Dungeon to obtain materials used to make skill books. So, in terms of character development, EOS RED has a system that forces players to spend time grinding.

Grinding, Grinding and Grinding

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The only activity that will often be done when playing EOS RED is grinding. The reason is, almost all game progressions involve these activities, from looking for materials, completing quests, to finding skill books. Instead of offering various progression methods, this game only sticks to the old school MMORPG style of play, namely grinding.

Assisted by the game’s automatic features, players are guaranteed to have very, very minimal game control. You will only place your character in a certain area for grinding, then activate auto-battle.

For those of you who like the mobile MMORPG playstyle like that, this game might be the right game title. However, for those of you who don’t like it, this game will be a very boring MMORPG game.

Stiff Classic Graphic Presentation

Released in 2021, EOS RED appears quite confident by carrying semi-2D graphics. When compared to other mobile MMORPG games released in 2021, the graphical presentation of this game is quite outdated.

However, the graphic style is actually a matter of taste. Maybe there are a few players who like the graphic style of the PC MMORPG game in the 2000s era. In fact, RF Online’s graphics alone are still much more appealing to writers.

Not only outdated but another problem regarding the graphical presentation of EOS RED is also the animation that is less than perfect. Every movement of the character looks very stiff, from walking, hitting the enemy, to issuing skills. Although relatively small, these shortcomings can make the game experience less enjoyable.

Very Thick Pay-to-Win Elements

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As mentioned earlier, players will be forced to grind for days to increase character strength, starting from increasing levels, looking for skill books, or looking for equipment.

When players struggle to develop characters, EOS RED is here to provide a series of benefits through their paid Shop. Players seemed to be pressured by the difficulty of upgrading characters, then forced to buy a row of chests in the Shop containing high-end items.

The pay-to-win conditions in EOS RED are exacerbated by the PvP and PK systems. Paid players will definitely have much more power than free players. So, free players will find it very difficult to enjoy the PvP features.

Even though the features offered by this game are limited. If that’s the case, it’s just a matter of waiting for the players to escape to another MMORPG Mobile game that is much more interesting.


Overall, EOS RED is a mobile MMORPG game that is not worth playing. Apart from the various shortcomings, there are now many severe games that are much more interesting than this game.

Even among the choices of mobile MMORPG games, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, which was released a few years ago, still feels much more worth playing than EOS RED.

What do you think about the EOS RED game which has just been released on the mobile platform? Have you tried playing it? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest information about mobile games only on our website, OK!

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