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Frostpunk Review, A Game That Tests Morals and Conscience

When you must become the leader of the last human civilization, what will you do in the face of the endless winter calamity? How do you keep mankind from being wiped off the face of this earth? Is it by being a fair leader? Or by becoming a dictator?

The answers to these questions can be found on Frostpunk. Frostpunk is a city-building strategy game made by 11 Bit Studio which was released in 2018. However, unlike ordinary city-building games, Frostpunk combines the city-building genre with survival and society simulation spices. Here you will play as a leader who must lead humanity to survive the endless winter.

Frostpunk itself has successfully received a lot of praise from gamers and journalists. Even Frostpunk also managed to win various awards such as Best Simulator Game by

Then what is the gameplay and plot of Frostpunk like? Let’s just look at the review.


Gameplay (9.5/10)


Frostpunk takes place in 1886 where the eruptions of Mount Krakatau and Mount Tambora cover the sun and cause a long winter. To overcome this, the British Empire and the United States created cities and generators in coal mines so that humans could survive the harsh winter. Here the player will be appointed as the leader of the city and the generator.

Frostpunk presents eight scenarios to choose from. In playing each scenario, players will be faced with various events. In the event, there will be choices that will determine the ending of the scenario. The choices given to players will feel very dilemmatic, and players will feel that every choice is a bad choice. This is where the moral values ​​and conscience of the players will be tested out.

In city management, many things must be taken into account. Such as the level of satisfaction of residents and workers, food stocks, research on new technologies, and others. Players must carefully maximize the performance of workers in collecting resources while paying attention to the level of happiness of the workers. If the worker’s level of happiness is low, the workers will rebel.

Overall, Frostpunk’s gameplay must indeed require players to rack their brains in how to manage the city and determine the best choice for mankind.

Control (8.0/10)


The controls and mechanics of Frostpunk are quite complicated compared to other city-building games. The difficulty level of this game is also very difficult. Not infrequently within a few hours players have run out of resources and die. However, complicated mechanics and high difficulty can be a challenge for players.

Graphics (8.5/10)

The graphics of Frostpunk itself are quite good. Some of the detailed aspects of the buildings, people, and environment are stunning. The user interface is quite simple and easy to understand. This is very helpful considering the mechanics of Frostpunk itself are already very complicated.

Addictive (9.0/10)

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With a high level of difficulty and an exciting storyline, Frostpunk can make players feel at home playing for hours. Players will be addicted to looking for different endings in each scenario. Learning complex mechanics while figuring out how to manage resources efficiently and keep workers happy are also the main attractions of playing Frostpunk.


Frostpunk presents a city-building experience on a different level. With a tense plot and storyline, complicated mechanics, and stunning graphics, Frostpunk is a city-building game that is more hardcore than other city-building games.

For these reasons, our website gives Frostpunk a 9.0 rating. If you are interested in trying Frostpunk, you can play on the PC platform via Steam or on the mobile platform which will be released at the end of the year. We also provide you with game cheats that can give you infinite resources inside the game.

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