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24 August 2021

Review Among Us

Lots of multiplayer games encourage action, but few are able to create a unique game to create interaction with the players. Mainly, games that create a fun social discussion are played face-to-face, but there are also many co-op games that take a similar theme. One of them is Among Us which is now very popular.

Among Us was previously released on Steam in November 2018. Now, the game has been downloaded by more than one million users on the Play Store and seems to be a prolonged trend for some time to come. The reason is, during the pandemic, games that emphasize social interaction like this are very attractive.

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Among Us Review List

Explore the Headquarters and Perform Tasks

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In the Among Us game, players must find out who is the Impostor. Meanwhile, Crewmates must complete tasks if they want to win more easily. In this way, Among Us combines cooperation and makes the players have to work individually to achieve a common goal.

We will be filled with suspicion, who is the friend who actually completes the task while the Impostors steal the opportunity to kill the Crewmates. Not infrequently, we will be overcome with fear if someone follows us suddenly. In fact, it could be that the person just wants to complete the task as a Crewmate.

Uniquely, each given task contains elements of a minigame and makes it very fun to do. The Impostors can also sabotage and make the crew have to fix important elements if they don’t want to run out of oxygen or lose energy-generating power.

We will be carried away completing tasks and brainstorming discussions if a corpse is found. Did the killer self-report the crime scene, or was he just a crewmate who was terrified to see his comrades murdered?

Unique Map Options

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In 2020, Among Us officially released their third map, Polus. This game became very popular after being released for free on the Play Store if previously it had to be purchased at a price of 5 US dollars or around 75 thousand rupiah. Players can also get all three maps for free if they play on a mobile platform with advertising conditions.

In these three maps, you can choose a spaceship, a base in the sky, or a new colony on the planet Polus. Each area has a unique place and several different missions, although some of the patterns of tasks assigned are still the same. In this way, we can feel the variations of the game when trying out the game in it.

Sometimes, the difference in this map makes us happy to explore the room in it. Every time there is an emergency, we will definitely go back and forth to a certain place and make the playing experience feel very different. The problem is, there is always a chance that the Impostor will stab you to death or find an unexpected corpse.

Be a Smart Impostor

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The game will be very exciting if you have the opportunity to become an Impostor. In this game, a maximum of 10 people can play once while the Impostor can be added up to three people at each time you play. This composition can be adjusted, along with many tasks that we will complete.

Generally, if the number of Impostors increases, the tasks are given should be less so that the game can be faster. For the Impostors, looking for loopholes to kill without being caught is no less stressful. The reason is, we must be able to find an alibi if we want to be free from the suspicions of the Crewmates.

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By doing Sabotage, we can also set the rhythm of the game and keep the Crewmates busy. In each map, we can also use doors to ventilation to disguise our activities. You have to be smart to find excuses and pretend to complete tasks if you want to win as an Impostor, right!

Unsupported Connectivity


Following its popularity, Among Us’s servers often suffer from interference from our website’s hands-on experience testing the game. Especially for mobile that has been played by many people. There are times in one day we will find that the matchmaker in the game is fully charged and we have to wait patiently.

On the other hand, the PC version of the game runs very smoothly. In fact, Discord bot support can make verbal communication feel more flexible. We will be able to talk to other players in each discussion session and those who die will switch channels. Meanwhile, channels for Impostors are also distinguished.

In the future, Among Us can develop into one of the most exciting co-op games for many players to try out. It’s possible that this game will be busy until the end of the year or even its journey will be as popular as the Werewolf board game that many people know.


As a light game release, Among Us brings the unique experience of feeling the tension of doing things and not being able to trust anyone. Here, player communication becomes a strong value for can win in every game. As if building our communication bridge that was damaged by the pandemic, this game will leave a very exciting recreation room.

So, did you also have time to try Among Us? If so, don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the comments column below, OK! Keep up with game news and other interesting articles only on our website.

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